Aniket Singh pens down his mantras for a successful internship abroad

February 2018: While the educational topography of India keeps on evolving to the tunes of time, the scope of internship and its subsequent transition into success walks on a precarious ground. This is precisely the reason why Aniket Singh, a product designer and life coach, urges students to opt for internship programs outside India through his eponymous book, Intern Abroad This Summer: Intern Abroad, Expand Possibilities. Mr. Singh is an alumnus of IIT Madras and currently works for Apple in California.

Alreadyhailed as a crackling success, this edifice of knowledge and practicalexperience has been heralded by critics and educators alike. The book, alsoconsidered as a reflection into the author’s personal experience, unfolds with howa life changing conversation with his senior during his engineering days aboutan internship, had provided Mr. Singh with an momentum to strive for his dreaminternship.

He goes onto share with us a step by step approach towards obtaining a dream job at aforeign country, along with his fun travel stories in a lighter mood. This bookis a must read for young minds who aim to fly high in their professional careerbattling the odds of securing average grades and/or degrees from non-premiereinstitutes.

Some reviewsfor the book are:

  • A Must Read for all Millennial and Parents”- V. Vijayraghavan, Vice President, Capgemini.
  • A fascinating way for students to broaden their horizons. A must read!”-Deepak Sekar, CEO Chowbotics.
  • This is a book I wished I picked up right at the beginning of my undergrad days” H.Satyanarayana, CEO Imaginate Technologies
  • “It encourages you to seek international experience, develop interpersonal skills and don’t ever give up” – Dave Raun, Silicon Valley Executive Board Member & Vice President, Avago Technologies.
  • “This lucidly written book drawn from his own experiences, is a must read for aspiring youths to chart a practical, superior way to succeed using internship” - Ramesh Dewangan, Vice President, Real Intent
  • “This book is an excellent blend of guidance to choose a right career path and how to excel by making right choices at the right time” - Manjul Kumar, Vice President Citibank

On thelaunch, Aniket Singh, Author, said “I am thrilled to launchthe book that holds a special place in my heart. A foreign internship is thebest way to land in availing a dream job, while creating a smashing resume. Ittalks about creating career advancing connections while travelling the world.Many students are unaware of this fact as the concept of paid internshipshasn’t been clear amongst Indian mind set. This book acts as a guide and acounsellor, helping them to capitalize on the most critical stage of theirlives. The choice remains on you- You can either while away your time inhalf-hearted pursuit or choose to lay the foundation to a promising career, byhustling your way into a great internship. Make this book your bible andwitness, as success walks up to you to rewrite your story.”

The bookis available online on AmazonNotionPressGoogle BooksFlipkart.

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