Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai encourages patients to take care of heart health

Navi Mumbai, 29th September 2018: On the occasion of World Heart Day celebrated world over on the 29th of September, Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai conducted an educative session on “Healthy Heart” for its patients. The session was attended by public and patients, who were being treated for various heart ailments.

The session covered a range of topics, including the origin and development of cardiac disease, management of a damaged heart and its impact on quality of life in a patient, as well as proactive lifestyle changes that could help an individual restore his heart to healthy functioning.

“The heart muscle is one of the most actively functioning organs in the body. The shift in lifestyle habits today has led to people experiencing more stress, poor dietary habits and inactivity at a dangerous scale. The biggest impact of this has been on the heart muscle. The human body has a tremendous capacity to heal itself and through this session we aim to educate people on becoming more mindful of their heart health, ” said Dr Rahul Gupta, Consultant, Cardiology, Apollo Hospitals, addressing the patients at the session.

The cardiologists also emphasized on the importance of good dietary habits, including a diet low in salt, rich in vegetables and fruits, adequate water consumption and appropriate intake of micronutrients found in nuts and seeds. Exercising on a regular basis, incorporating anxiety reliving techniques such as yoga and meditation were also discussed at the program.

Heart Disease is the biggest killer in our country, with India losing 1.7 million lives annually to cardiovascular disease. In the India: Health of the Nation’s States report released last year, Maharashtra was found to have an above average cardiac disease burden when compared to the national average.  

Apollo Hospitals Healthy Heart initiative is a one of a kind program offered in our country that focuses on reversing heart disease. By developing a personalized health profile for each patient under its care, the Healthy Heart program looks into each patient’s health profile individually by understanding the patient’s life and habits. Based on this, a special treatment plan is devised to address heart disease in that individual.

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