Apple iOS 11 Support Available on Day One from ManageEngine

Chennai, India —September 21st , 2017 — ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced that their enterprise mobility management solution, Mobile Device Manager Plus, will support the features released with iOS 11 right from day one. This will allow IT admins to take full advantage of the features added in iOS 11, including QR code scanning and enhancements to the Classroom app.

In terms of managingmobile devices, enterprises spend a large amount of time and resources ondevice onboarding and troubleshooting. While there are various methodsavailable to automate these kinds of device management tasks, there is alwaysroom to improve by further reducing the amount of time admins and users have tospend configuring devices. Apple’s latest release of iOS 11, which includes thenew screen recorder feature and support for adding any device to the DEPportal, is slated to streamline mobile device management tasks for IT admins.Mobile Device Manager Plus will support the new iOS 11 features right fromlaunch day for both cloud and on-premises users.


“With iOS 11, Applehas released a large number of enhancements that allow us to provide adminswith extensive device management capabilities,” said MathivananVenkatachalam, Director of Product Management atManageEngine. “By supporting these features right from day one, we arestaying on top of market demands while ensuring enterprises benefit from theseenhancements at the earliest.”


Supported iOS 11Features


Mobile DeviceManager Plus will support a number of iOS 11 features, including:


  • QR code scanning: Now that the native iOS camera app supports QR code scanning, users can easily enroll their devices in Mobile Device Manager Plus just by scanning a QR code with their smartphone or tablet.
  • Additional security for AirPrint: Admins can now prevent users from using iBeacons to automatically detect AirPrint printers.
  • Classroom app permissions: Admins can configure Classroom app permissions to automatically allow teachers to take control of students’ devices.


Pricing andAvailability: Mobile DeviceManager Plus, with these new features, is available immediately in bothon-premises and cloud editions. Prices start at $15 per device per year. Thefree edition of Mobile Device Manager Plus is available on the cloud andon-premises to manage up to 25 devices. In addition, a free, fully functional,30-day trial version is available for download at



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