Archbishop Bernard Moras to Flag off “Salvation Run “

Bengaluru , 4th April 2017. Salvation Run (5k Run & Walk) , An inter Church Sporting initiative conceptualized for Christian believers from across all denominations empowering their lives through the Sport of running, disciplining oneself with a healthy lifestyle and a purposeful living

Sport occupies a legitimate place in the created world and thus helps us express our emotions, integrity, character & values by taking ownership to understand and respect one another. and help in developing the welfare & eco system of the society emphasizing on health & wellness promoting a sporting culture bringing hope among children, youth & the community at large

Salvation Run marks its origin in a divinely-given impulse to play and deserves a rightful place in Christian living. The run has been the brain child of Elvis Joseph, a former State Athlete & Sports Management Professional, has initiated the first Christian Run bringing Leaders from across all churches and denominations to endorse and engage in a faith motivated Sports & healthy lifestyle, creating a thrill of competition, the sense of community and fellowship that comes from participation

Elvis says: I Believe this is the need of the hour for Christian believers to learn how to achieve their highest potential in all areas of life with consistency of practise in faith and obedience through mentoring by the word of GOD. The purpose of Salvation Run focuses on promoting and educating to endure good health, & to "Run the Race Set before us”. I also believe there is a purpose behind everything, and the creation of the human body is no different. Thus regular exercise, proper diet, getting enough rest and appropriate social activities will benefit physically Mentally & Spiritually. 

The flag off will be done at 6:30 am by Most Rev Dr Bernard Moras (Archbishop of Bangalore).along with church heads from the community, & Sports celebrities. 

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