Are you living life in fear of public opinion? Let’s live again!

Do you fear expressing what’s inside you? It’s an era of communication. We have the freedom to express what we feel...well, it’s all baloney.

Why do we do it? It’s simple we are under constant pressure of being judged and trolled by family, friends or co-workers who differ from our opinion....”People will know what i feel, they will judge me, what will people think of me, there might be a string of comments as good as threats that i will have to deal by myself!!” So, isn’t it better to rein our feeling rather than let go...

Now there is no need to suppress your true feelings. There is a platform where your voices, feeling and thoughts no longer need to be caged for life. Yes, Freedom from the fear of what others think is possible!!

VOIZD: Voice without Fear – mobile app, is world’sfirst audio based anonymous social networking App – it is a new place targetingand gaining popularity with India's social savvy youngsters. The applicationhas been specially designed with an aim to provide everybody with the basicright of free speech and to create a social space and community where everyonecan share their real thoughts without the fear of ever being judged, labelledor trolled. 

Started by Sameer Agarwal and co-founded by Pooja Daswani,this distinctive mobile app allows people to record 30-second audioclips on any topic. ​Whether it’s speaking up on national andinternational issues or giving vent to personal or professional frustrations,its users will feel empowered to express themselves in their own unique ways.

VOIZD helps you to break that cocoon and comfort zone thatwe all live in and elevates you from log kya kahenge syndrome. Voizd will be apart of your journey from living in fear to becoming fearless making the worldmore realistic, meaningful and a better place for all. For the enterprising andsocial savvy Indians, the social media app VOIZD bridges the lag forexpression without fear and will surface asone of the newest frontiers other than facebook or twitter for sharing opinions.

So, break away from the fear of voicing your strongopinions, the fear that actually hinders you from doing something, the fear of threatsthat came your way when your share true opinions on existing major social mediaplatforms.

The feeling of knowing who you actually are and realizingyour potential is simply fanatic! 


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