Artistic spectacle ‘Krishnakriti Festival’ is back in town 4days Festival from tomorrow

HYDERABAD, 03 January, 2018: The most popular artistic extravaganza that has put Hyderabad on the global art canvas with its meticulous blending of arts with science, Krishnakriti Festival, a one-of-its-pioneering-kind, is back in the twin cities.

In keepingwith the organisational acumen of Kalakriti Art Gallery and Lahoti Foundationthink tank and driven by the constant craving to get exuberantly bigger witheach new edition, a rare assortment has been pieced together to commemorate the15th year milestone, an accomplishment which, in itself, is areflection of the growing popularity of this modern, contemporary art festivalthat brings along the finest of global talent to the delight of the artistesand connoisseurs in Hyderabad.

It isnothing short of a cultural feast for all those waiting to see the mostcelebrated achievers parade their sublime works, deliver lectures anddemonstrate their magnificence right here in the country’s emerging culturalcapital. 

A redeemingfeature of the 2018 edition will be that it is being jointly collaborated withBonjour India Festival. 

A slew ofinteresting, innovative and exemplary artistic expressions, which bear thebreathtaking signature statements of some of the biggest contemporary names,will be on exhibit across several happening venues in the twin cities. 

KrishnakritiFestival-2018 will be held in the city from January 4 to 7, 2018. Needlessto say, a creative rejuvenation will ring in the New Year on a déjà vu note andkeep one refreshed all through the year. 

The 2018Krishnakriti festival will be themed around maps and cartography – a lifelinethat describes mindboggling cityscapes and landscapes. Designed with artexhibitions, workshops, art talks, discussions, digital-multimedia shows andperformances. Cultural shows and live performances will add to the vibrancy. 

A specialhighlight of the 2018 festival will be the unveiling of the Munn Maps, a set ofover 638 maps of the city of Hyderabad by Colonel Leonard Munn, who was an ArmyEngineer and responsible for setting up telegraph infrastructure and detailedgeographical surveys in India. 

Munn Mapswere commissioned by the Nizam after the devastating floods in the early 1900s.It took three years to complete the project. On the occasion of KrishnakritiFestival, this set of rare maps will be on the Google Art Project, which is aspecial initiative of the global giant Google to promote and preserve world artand heritage for posterity. 

The Festivalwill present historic maps and cartography, featuring over 70 rare objects fromthe collection of the Prashant Lahoti Maps Collection housed in the KalakritiArchive. An array of contemporary art shows by artists inspired by the idea ofmapping will add a modern twist. Hands-on workshops on using modern mappingtools will be an exciting new addition this year. 

One of themost popular attractions will be the interactive thought-provoking sessionswhere historians, art lovers and critics can get to mingle with the artistes. 

KrishnakritiFestival 2018 will be inaugurated at the Kalakriti Gallery & The GalleryCafé at 7:30pm on January 4. 

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