Arvind Parashar is a best selling author from India who hails from Dehradun

Arvind Parashar is a best selling author from India who hails from Dehradun. This Week Thisweek India .News speaks to Arvind Parashar in an exclusive interview about his journey from being a corporate honcho to a well established author.

1. Arvind,please tell us more about your childhood. schooling and education -

I was born in the quaintand picturesque town of Dehradun, and completed my education in the valley. Asa child, I had a knack for writing songs, poems, stories, sketching cartoons,and participating and winning quiz competitions. I did get to see some successearly on in my life, as my poems and cartoons were published in the localnewspapers and children’s magazines, and were well received by the audience.Like any starry eyed kid growing up in the mountains, I was profoundly inspiredby Ruskin Bond, one of the most talented and artistically endowed writers ourcountry has ever produced. The fact that I grew in the lush green valley at thefoothills of Mussoorie also helped in enhancing my creativity. 

2. Whatinspired you to get into the field of writing?

I grew up in the hills,surrounded by nature and far away from the hustle bustle and busy lifestyle ofpeople from big cities. The thirst for knowledge and the inquisitiveness that Ihad about knowing people, and my fondness for writing as a child enthused meget into the awe-inspiring field of writing, which gave me an opportunity toput my thoughts into words and share it with people.

3. Pleasetell us more about your work? - Your books (in sequence of release) –

The first novel that Iworked on was a spy romance thriller, titled ‘Kabira Not Until I Die’. The bookwas well received by the audience as it reached the Top 4 in Crossword FictionBestseller category. My second novel was ‘Messed Up! But All for Love’, whichcame out after a gap of 1.5 years. The book was published by SrishtiPublishers. It is the first book in the romantic thriller trilogy series. Thebook breached the Top 50 ranking in Amazon as it reached the 49thposition within a few hours of its launch. It made its way to Amazon Best Readswhich has the Top 5 books in a genre.

The second book in thetrilogy, and my third book is titled Lost in Love. It was published recently onJanuary 10th, 2018. I had also worked on a book in Hindi, titled ‘EkPaheli Pyar Ki’ which was launched around the same time. This is the Hinditranslation of my novel ‘Messed Up! But All for Love’ and is published byPrabhat Prakashan.

4. Yourlatest title, "Lost in Love" is just out, tell us more about the book

 ‘Lost in Love’ is a romantic thriller thanemotionally grasps the readers’ attention. The main protagonists of the bookare Neil and Gauri.  Neil is a characterwho has just come of his break up, and Gauri helps the heartbroken soul to moveon in life and become more optimistic. It is an inspiring story that holds thenarration around the fact that, life moves on. It teaches us a very importantlife lesson, that no matter how dark or gloomy things get, the sun is going torise again.

5. How hasthe response been for "Lost in Love”?

The book has beenextremely well received by critics and fans alike, and has already reached thenumber one spot at WH Smith stores at some of the airports. The love andaffection that the book has received is truly commendable, and I hope theadulation and admiration continues.

6. BookTours are now a picking trend; do you plan to travel across the country to meetyour readers?

Yes, I plan to travel across the country and visit myfans who have ushered me with unconditional love and affection. I have alreadyvisited ten cities so far, and I plan to cover forty more cities over the nextcouple of years. It is imperative for me to build that connect with my readers,meet them and listen to their honest opinion about my work.

7. What isin the pipeline for your readers, when will they get to read your next book?

The next book is going to be the concluding part ofthe trilogy. The next couple of years look promising, as I plan to bring out adark romance novel and an international thriller.

8. You haveassociated with NGO's and supported them by forwarding your book proceeds tothem, tell us more about these initiatives?

I have recentlycollaborated with Spanadana Rehabilitation Center, Udupi. I have beenassociated with the cause of education for a long time now, as I want to seeevery child in this country gain education and become successful in life. Thepeople at Spanadana have been doing some selfless work for the betterment ofthe society, and I believe it is pertinent for me to do something for them. Iam also in talks with CRY, as we plan of working together. I hope to see thatplan become concrete soon.

9. Yourmessage for your readers? –

I would first like toexpress my heartfelt gratitude towards my lovely readers. My message for themwould be to keep reading my books, and I would love to stay connected to themas whatever I have achieved in life today, is all because of them. I want tothank them for their consistent support and inspiring me and giving me the strengthto be the best I can possible be.

10. Incasereaders want to get in touch with you, how do they do it?

My wonderful readers canget in touch with me on my social media pages, and can also contact me via myemail-

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