Aspri Spirits adds Scottish Leader Original Blended Scotch Whisky to its Spirits Portfolio

Delhi: Aspri Spirits, leading importers and distributors of the finest brands in the world of Spirits and Wines, added the award winning blended scotch, Scottish Leader Originalto its portfolio. An unapologetically modern brand – 40 Years Old – that has entered an established category, competing strongly and continuing to grow - Scottish Leader Originalis a contemporary brand. Produced and bottled in smaller batches than our bigger competitors, it stands tall and proud. The NEW pack is contemporary anddistinctive, and isalsoaccompanied by a ‘new’ soaring eagle icon which reflects the brand's ambition,vision and sense of freedom.

The ORIGINAL variantwas recently evolved and now contains more malt, for an even smoother liquidwith a full-bodied, subtle smokiness with hints of malt, sherry and sweet oak.Since its establishment in 1976, Scottish Leader has been led byforward-thinking blending teams who endeavor to produce liquids that appeal tothe tastes of the day. Its modern-day blending team has continued thistradition with production of four exceptional variants. With 380 years’combined blending experience, they are dedicated to creating unique, qualitywhiskies with a singularly rich and smooth flavor.


A blended Scotchwhisky can contain up to 50 whiskies, and includes both malt and grain. Throughthe skills of the blending team the brand has obtained the complex character ofthe blended whiskies, bringing together the different flavors from each of thewhiskies used, to obtain the overall distinct character.

Scottish LeaderOriginal is a blended scotch whisky which uses traditional methods ofproduction. It is a very smooth blended scotch with a palate full of richtoffee and nuts and well balanced with silky smoothness and spicy. Already afavorite with connoisseurs, its delicate smoky finale sets it apart from otherblends.

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