Assault over Doctors ! An alarming situation for the society

In a civil society perhaps anyone from us ever advocated or executed such idea that is assaulting over your consulting doctor.Still since last few years almost from many states from the country such type of incidences were filled in newspapers .Lot of responsible and even irresponisible statements were made by many intellectuals belonging to various professions.Everybody was firm and judgemental in their opinion but very few of them could dare to speak the truth of the indian health care system.Yes !indian health care system is in ICU and unfortunately policymakers are waiting for a peaceful death of the system rather than to make an effort to get revive this sick system. Assault is mere a reflection of the failure of our so called health care system.

'According to Dr.Ankit Om Chairman United RDA India"Being Indian we belong to that culture which inherit the sense of immenserespect and regards for this noble profession .I do remember my childhoodexperiences ,whenever some asked me , kid ! whom you want to be in the future?Trust me it was amazing sense of pride sharing that feeling with them , Yes , Iwant to be a Doctor .Although we had only limited sources of career counsellingand Parents was the only mentor we had .Parents nurtured this desire in ourupbringing and with that high level of self esteem and extreme hard work underlimited accessible resources ,being 80’s kid of small town we could fulfil thatmutual dream and became a Doctor .A figure which is pecepted as a responsible,sensible,andthat logical fellow for the society whom people used to meet in their sufferingusually.Being citizen of this great nation ,we have acquired thosesocio-cultural values that motivate us to have deep faith and cordial respectfor elders and some noble professions like Teacher,Doctor,and Soldiers.No doubtour society do have special place for them .This is the high time when we mustcheck the reality that persistently we are loosing those values at the at thestake of anything and being responsible citizens we all are accountable forthis crisis.Blame game will worsen the situation and ultimately it will lead todemise of  healthy socio-cultural architecture of this great ancientsociety of india.

I want to make a point here,perhaps you would havenoticed this well, Doctors go to the hospital to cure the citizens and peoplego to the hospital for the treatment by them.Nobody go there to make an issue,still we are having the situation.Yes ,point is clear.This crime issituational rather than intentional,we must focus this is  the rootcause of such incidences as both parties do have innocence before the situationmake them unhappy and end up with the heated arguments and sometimes extremeunfortunate incidences we had come through since last few years .for examplefellow doctor lost his eye in government hospital ,Dhule recently and somecollegues lost his life during duty in such incidences.A Civilised Society mustcondemn such mishaps irrespective of any profession,everybody has his own fundamentalright to live his life at most.

Recently we all witnessed the incidences like BRDMedical college,gorakhpur tragedy,MAX Hosptal and Fortis hospital’scontroversies etc.these all are in now public domain and like me ,many citizenswere in the state of shock after these incidences.Mean while many intellectualswrote a lot about it and we should also congratulate some media persons whopassed their verdict very soon.i think it’s a commendable job that without anyresearch and development wing’s recommendation we are getting so fast solutionsof the problem that is stop discussing the problem after attaing maximum peakof TRP. Honestly I have read some great visionary articles with responsiblejournalism by renouned editors .they reflected very clear insight in the issuebut they lost to surface in the storm of quack journalism.An organised approachwith mutual coordination of all stakeholders was the required step butunfortunately policymakers started to focus on Wealth from Health rather thanto believe Health is Wealth.

Infact we must admit that now health sector is not anexception for corruption .As black sheeps do exist in everysector.Still  I should state this majority of Doctors are notcorrupt. Doctors who are doing such kind of unethical and irresponsibleactivities are not representation of this hard working fraternity butunfortunately these bunch of so called leaders of doctors have captured thepolicymakers and operating like an organised naxus .On the other side youngindian doctors are bringing pride for the nation while working in developedcountries like Canada,USA,UK,and many European countries.they are working inbetter atmosphere with accountable system full of team work rather than indianDoctor who is persistently fighting with deaf and dumb authorities for thelawful Rights of unaware citizens and overworking doctors .This is the reasoneither young doctors are migrating from the india for the betterdignified  life and adequet exposure for the bright opportunities oryouth is not getting enough charm and enthusiasm for this noble profession ashis career prospective.I also have stopped myself to encourage any youth to beindian doctor for india. There are other modes of harming yourself rather thanwasting your important life period in such a pathetic ,sick and cruel currentmedical system of India.Now it is curse being Indian doctor.Spare your precioustime with your family and friends rather than to devote and compromise yourvaluable youth in this sleepless,thankless and worthless hard work being indianDoctors.You have all rights to live your life and allow to reap the seeds ofcreativity deeply seated in your heart to bring your best and feed the hungerof your soul to serve for the nation.Says Dr.Ankit Om.

I don’t know ,how many of us ever heard any newsrelated of assault on doctors in any Army hospitals in India,Almost nil.Manygovt and even private hospitals recently witnessed such incidences.The reasonis pretty clear ,I must share it that to run an accountable health care system,we need to focus on four important aspects to deliver it effectively.these areAdequet services provided by govt,Appropiate management by theadministrators,Professional approach of clinician with humane touch and last isCivilised society.Govt sectors usually are soft target as they lack in allthese four aspects and surprisingly many policymakers consider health ascharitable services in this 21st century rather than makingsector accountable and health as a fundamental right of the citizens.We all shouldunderstand that our health is our priority not the charity of so called leaders.We choose quack politicians to formulate our policies ,They use our health asa tool to fulfil their vested interests and we don’t ask them,Why?This is thenaked truth that these political quacks have sold indian health care system inthe hand of private sector with the help of their organised and authorisednaxus of influential Doctors and prominent figures .After liberalisation of themarket ,1990’s indian health care system was moved in that direction whenhealth care policies became cup of tea of business lobbies and we all wouldagree with this that revenues motivate the business rather thanrequirements.They generated demandsand supplied for the same but unfortunatelyper capital income of citizens never allow thishealth sector to privatised.Wehave Only 4 % public expenditure  and 1.3% GDP we use for healthsector by Govt of India.Although Health is state subject but center could neverdeliver health care accessible to all irrespective of caste,religion andregion.As per universal health,average NHP (National Health Policy) 2017 whichwas announced last years of hard work of policy makers .NHP recommended that atleast 4 % of GDP ,GOI should consider for health.Although in world developingcountries like India are spending average of 6%.At least data don’t reflectthat health is priority of country.Paying huge ammount of tax still can notassure your health from the policy makers and you require some extra health carepolicies from private insurance companies .This is example of apathy for thecitizens but I should say being citizens we deserve it as we don’t askquestions from the government regarding health.When we were standing in thelong ques of the ATMs and banks during Noteban 2016 november ,almost all mediawere so vocal to increase number of ATMs and improve the bankingservices  and on the other side we keep our eyes shut after seeinglong ques in the hospitals.Irony is this,many representatives of the country sendtheir recommendation and authorisation letters to the doctors of the prominenthospitals in the state like delhiregarding treatment of their known patients,Can we ask ,why this is not available your region ? what make people to remainsilent over their health issues?Why people still believe in recommendationletters rather than demanding health as their fundamental right? We have to askquestion from all policy makers that as per recent data NHP 2017 there is only1 govt Allop[athic doctor for every 10189 people?Why 1 govt hospital bed forevery 2046 people and 1 state run hospital for every 90343 people.We don’t needan epidemic.Public health care system has been broken and become disasterousfor the requireimmediate attention of authorities to work on it sincerely.shortage of manpower is the real concern of the system .As per data ,India has 10 lacs doctorsworking in govt and private sector.We need 5 lac more doctors to bridge the gapas per WHO norms of 1:1000.

Recently NMC Bill which is passed and sent toparliamentary standing committee,has advocated about Bridge course forindigenous and alternative medicine like ayurveda,homeopathy etc but the pointis should  they loose their identity and role of their science forthe sake of shortage of allopathic doctors in the country.We know it take timeto develop any branch after detailed research and development but we allwitnessed thelack of long term vision and efforts for these AYUSH practicionersfrom past governments.Allowing allopathic practice to other branches may be anew idea but it can be dangerous in the long term as allopathy is a highlyevolved and modern science based on evidence based medicine,which require longterm involvement of the practicioner rather than training of them who neverpracticed for the same.It will invoke more cases of negligence in future whichcan be more dangerous like a failure of new drug’s trial.if someone agree withthe bridge course then he must have answer,Why Khap panchayats don’t deserve tofulfill shortage of the judges in the country? After all we have more thancrores cases pending in our honourable court and law is also a practice likemedical Says Dr.Ankit Om Chairman United RDA India.

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