AssetWise Completes Bentley’s CONNECT Edition

India: Bentley Systems, Incorporated, a leading global provider of software solutions for advancing infrastructure, today announced AssetWise CONNECT Edition. The CONNECT Editions of AssetWise and ProjectWise provide and share a connected data environment, upgrading a common data environment to fully realize the BIM potential of digital engineering models, created during CAPEX, for continuous benefits throughout the OPEX lifecycle. A connected data environment is vital to infrastructure advancement because CAPEX projects are repeatedly necessitated throughout the TOTEX service life of infrastructure assets to sustain their fitness for purpose—and the continuity of digital engineering models, as their “digital DNA” can be a key enabler. Such a connected data environment therefore advances the convergence of engineering technologies (ET) with information technologies (IT) and operational technologies (OT).

During the Conference keynote by CEO Greg Bentley, the full span of thecompleted CONNECT Edition was underscored by invited presenters. Ray O’Connor,CEO of Topcon Positioning Group, demonstrated constructioneering, connectingengineers with surveyors and constructors through joint cloud servicesofferings. Jacques Lubetzki, executive vice president, Europe Zone, BureauVeritas, then introduced inspectioneering, for engineers to contributevirtually to operations safety and asset integrity. Finally, David Epp,director Global ISV Alliances of Microsoft, described ongoing initiativeswithin its enabling Azure stack, including “cognitive services” which could beapplied dynamically for infrastructure operational intelligence. Suchunprecedented BIM advancements have become possible because Bentley’s connecteddata environment can make the information within digital engineering modelssecure, open, and live.

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