Atta Galatta presents Authentic Relating Games Sunday, 11th Nov 2018

Bengaluru 6th November 2018. Come join a global movement of using vulnerability as a tool for mind-blowing and heart-opening connections with yourself and others. Authentic Relating Games is a series of carefully crafted exercises designed to help make it easier to both know yourself and to express your real self to others.

Some of the benefits of Authentic Relating Games include:

• Learn how to know and to communicate your inner reality better, including your feelings, desires, and boundaries

• Developing listening and empathy skills (the world needs more of this!)

• Get to know parts of yourself you weren't even aware of

• Make great friends and deepen existing ones

• Personal growth and empowerment

• Have fun!

Please come on time (plan to arrive a little early to sign in) - we want to start punctually at 5 pm so that we have spaciousness of time as we play the games.

For whom: For anyone who wants to have more authentic connections with others and to understand themselves beneath the masks and habitual ways of being. And for those who want to have a good time discovering the magic that comes with taking risks in being real and sharing presence with each other.

Come alone or with a friend or partner. Everyone is welcome.

Facilitators: Roy Jacob and Manaali Manoharan

Address: Atta Galatta, #134, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560 095

Date: Sunday, 11th November 2018

Time: 5:00 PM-8:00 PM

Tickets: Rs 500

Age: 18+    

Phone: (080) 4160 0677 / 96325 10126 ,

About the Facilitators:

Roy Jacob grew up as a son of Indian immigrants to the U.S., and returned to his roots in Kerala in 2003. He does organic farming and also facilitates retreats focused on holistic transformation such as the India Youth Jam, Pause, and Reconnect. He has been facilitating Authentic Relating Games in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kerala. He loves jackfruit, frisbee and watching the night sky.

Manaali Manoharan is a Counsellor with training in expressive arts therapy. She is a dancer by heart and is currently taking the first few steps towards becoming a free expression artist. Manaali is on a journey to deepen her relationships through expressions of vulnerability and authenticity. She is continually surprised with participants’ experiences and her own after Authentic Relating Games. How simple games create such realness and meaning. Since 2017, she has co-facilitated four other Authentic Relating Games workshops with Roy in Bangalore and she's excited for new people to experience it!

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