AuthBridge to help corporate & SMEs to detect employee’s fraud in and out of workplace

New Delhi, August 30. Employees are an asset for any organization. However any wrong doing by employees may risk organization’s reputation, credibility and even businesses. To address this issue and offer a solution to these growing concerns of the Indian industry, AuthBridge, India’s largest Employee Background Verification firm has come up with its new product, AuthXtend™- .

AuthXtend™- will ensure background verification post-hiring of employees. It monitors employee records on real time and intimates employers, organizations about any potential internal threats and concerns, says Mr Ajay Trehan, Founder and CEO of AuthBridge.

“While there are static credentials like date-of-birth, employment, identity, which are taken care before an employee is offered a job, there are credentials which are dynamic in nature and which may keep evolving while the employee is on job. It could be related to employees having incurred massive debts or developed drug dependency or getting involved in a criminal, civil litigation or any other unwanted activity. This could risk organization’s reputation and businesses,” Mr Trehan explained.

As a usual practice, organizations conduct background checks of their employees only while hiring them. Though a healthy practice, this still leaves scope of improvement on two fronts. First, it captures the credentials and related antecedents of an employee only at that point in time. Second and the less recognised fact is that digitization process of court records and other law enforcement agencies is still on the move and every month lakhs of new negative records are made available.

“This simply means periodic screening of candidate’s criminal background against newly available criminal or civil litigation records, allows better verification and reassurance of a healthy workforce.” Mr Trehan stated.

The increasing instances of workplace harassment, embezzlement and frauds also make a case for continuous background verification ensuring current employees are indeed assets and not liabilities.

“You cannot be sure that a law-abiding person with no criminal record will never commit a crime. AuthXtend™ takes these possibilities into consideration to offer smart checks, especially on dynamic parameters - education, criminal record, drug abuse, credit default etc. Acting as a portfolio manager, AuthXtend™ screens employees annually, quarterly or a time period best suited to a business and the levels of risks associated with it,” Mr Trehan clarified.

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