Author Preeti Singh Rajput launched her new book 'Life Beyond The Clouds'

New Delhi, 6th, September, 2018: Author Preeti Singh Rajput launched her new book Life Beyond The Clouds’, an entrepreneur and a business coach, a Book on women’s courage at The Readers Cafe, a beautiful space for readers and writers in Delhi NCR, situated in Indirapuram Habitat Centre, Delhi. This book is published by Halfcrow. Anurag Punetha, Senior Anchor Lok Sabha TV was invited as the Guest of honor for this launch. This book launched with the musical performance by singer Ravi Dhiman popular.

The inspirational story was inaugurated by Anurag Chauhan (Founder Humans for Humanity and Dehradun Literature Festival) & Laxmi Agarwal (Acid attack survivor and Campaigner for Stop sale acid).

This book  is revolved around  Maya, a courageous soul. Defeats all odds, makes bold choices and, dares to stand up for them.  She refuses to live a confined life, bounded with social and religious obligations. She falls in love blindly and fails miserably. She refuses an easy way out and cuddles the path she believed was right, not the one this world will approve of. Her life snatched everything she had, leaving her alone in the middle of nowhere.

Her  journey is a striking blend of love, sex, betrayal and finding the true love all over again. A beautiful story of self-discovery and grace. Life rewards those who stand strong through storm. It wasn’t easy for her, neither would it be for you. What makes her story so inspiring is her courage to stand for what she chose.

On this occasion she  said, The book that inspires readers to take charge of their situations and motivates them to move ahead  in their journey with grace.

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