Author Ratan Kaul’s ‘The Full Circle’ is going to be a cynosure of Fiction Lovers

After the runaway success of his novel, ‘Wings of Freedom’, depicting a cross-cultural love story, author Ratan Kaul is ready to delight the readers with another romance fiction - The Full Circle: A Saga of Unrequited Love. This beautifully penned book is a periscopic view of the last forty years and how speedily the world noticed a vast array of socio-economic changes. From shifting trends in technology to silent disruptions in human values, ‘The Full Circle’ encompasses the resulting latent as well as surreal aspects of post-liberalization society in India. The book also reveals the growing conflicts faced by the protagonist between assimilating the foreign culture and retaining the traditional Indian values as an Indian immigrant in USA.

Whilebriefing about the book, Ratan Kaul said, This bookrevolves around the life of Rohit, an engineer-turned-entrepreneur. Everychange in his life, partly in India and partly in USA,  is like a turn ofa wheel, for good or for bad, but it is not in his hands as someone elsegoverns the circling of his fate. 

The FullCircle is engaging and intriguing, and like Wings ofFreedom it also powerfully portrays the humanemotions: love, relationships, commitments, and sacrifices.

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