Avail Cashless Transaction for Insurance through Quickinsure

July 2019, Bangalore: Quickinsure Insurance Pvt Ltd has recently crossed over 5000+ registered insurance agents and the response is due to the user-friendly application they have developed. The application is available on Android and IOS with various options of insurance to apply in.

Started in the year 2018, Quickinsure has reached over 36,000 users pan India and aims to explore the market through various user-friendly strategies.

Mr.AnandShrikhande,CEO, Quickinsure said, “We started in 2018 and achieving these numbers is hardwork of the team. Creating is user friendly app was a need of the hour and Quickinsure team has delivered it. Through the application one can easily understand the norms and the process for applying for any kind of insurance. ‘simple is the best’ is what the aim was when the application was in the process of development.”

Quickinsure aims to reach maximum audience and users to avail the insurance services through the simple process.

Website link:www.quickinsure.co.in

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