Avi Networks Brings Elastic Application Delivery to VMware Cloud on AWS

Bangalore, India – November 29, 2017 – Avi Networks, the leader in next-generation elastic application delivery services, today announced that the Avi Vantage Platform is natively available to customers of VMware Cloud™ on AWS. Launched today with immediate availability, Avi for VMware Cloud on AWS brings together VMware’s enterprise-class software-defined data center (SDDC) software and dedicated, elastic, bare-metal infrastructure from AWS to give organizations a consistent operating model and application mobility for private and public cloud. Avi Vantage delivers one-click load balancer provisioning, simplified troubleshooting, consistent multi-cloud architecture, and cost savings of more than 50 percent to customers of VMware Cloud on AWS.

Enterprises are adopting cloud infrastructure as anatural extension to their data centers to quickly add capacity, performon-demand scaling, and reduce costs. Unlike hardware appliance load balancersthat are manual, inelastic, and resource-intensive, Avi Networks provides anelastic load balancer with centralized control, integrated visibility, andbuilt-in automation that autoscales with applications across any environment.The platform provides a consistent set of services – elastic load balancing(L4-L7), global server load balancing, DNS services, traffic encryption andsecurity, and real-time application performance analytics – across bothon-premises data centers and cloud. These services help businesses meet theirdigital transformation goals by enabling agility, improving end-userexperience, and reducing costs. 

“Avi Networks is excited to partner with VMware tooffer elastic load balancing services for customers adopting VMware Cloud forAWS,” said Guru Chahal, vice president, products, at Avi Networks. “Thepartnership enables our joint customers to take advantage of consistentapplication delivery architecture both on-premises or in the cloud. Thesolution is helping enterprises accelerate cloud adoption and become moreagile.” 

VMware Cloud on AWS technology partners enablecustomers to deploy the same proven solutions seamlessly, in both the publicand private cloud. VMware simplifies the certification and deployment ofpartners’ solutions by eliminating the need for partners to refactor solutionsfor VMware Cloud on AWS. If a partner solution works on-premises in a VMwarevSphere® environment, it will also work in VMware Cloud on AWS. VMwaretechnology partners complement and enhance native VMware Cloud on AWS servicescapabilities and enable customers to realize new capabilities. 

“VMware Cloud on AWS provides customers a seamlesslyintegrated hybrid cloud offering that gives customers the SDDC experience fromthe leader in private cloud, running on the leading public cloud provider,AWS,” said Mark Lohmeyer, vice president and general manager, Cloud PlatformBusiness Unit, VMware. “Solutions such as Avi Vantage Platform enable IT teamsto reduce cost, increase efficiency, and create operational consistency acrosscloud environments. We’re excited to work with partners such as Avi Networks toenhance native VMware Cloud on AWS capabilities and empower customers withflexibility and choice in solutions that can drive business value.”

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