Avi Networks Unveils Intelligent Web Application Firewall with Industry’s Highest Performance

Chennai, India – October 10, 2017 – Avi Networks, the leader in next-gen load balancing and application services, today announced the upcoming release of its Intelligent Web Application Firewall (iWAF). As a software-only solution, iWAF operates as a centrally managed fabric across data centers, private clouds, and public clouds. With iWAF’s scale-out architecture, enterprises are no longer constrained by the operational and performance limitations of traditional appliance-based web application firewalls. Additionally, iWAF’s integrated analytics engine offers IT organizations real-time security and operational intelligence through machine learning.

Traditional web application firewalls suffer from poor performance and“wall-of-knobs” complexity, operating as black boxes that provide little to novisibility. Avi's elastic scale-out platform enables iWAF to perform 50X fasterthan legacy appliances, processing hundreds of Gbps of throughput and over amillion transactions per second.


In addition to improved performance, Avi iWAF provides powerful applicationintelligence. iWAF protects web applications from common vulnerabilitiesidentified by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), such as SQLInjection and Cross-site Scripting, while providing the ability to customizethe rule set for each application. iWAF analyzes the security rules that matcha particular transaction, providing this insight in real-time as applicationsand attack patterns evolve. With the Avi Networks iWAF, IT teams no longer needto fly blind when writing and enforcing security policies. Based on thisintelligence, one-click customization of rules and exceptions helps sharplyreduce the problem of false-positive fatigue.


“Security and operations personnel need intuitive and scalable WAFsolutions to effectively address their requirements in modern data center orcloud environments,” said Jim Duffy, Senior Analyst, Networking, at 451Research. “With centralized management, elastic scale, and closed-loop securityanalytics, the Avi iWAF delivers a compelling model to secure webapplications.”


The unique capabilities of Avi Networks’ iWAF include:


Highest-performance web application security

  •     -Elastic, automatic scale-out across data centers and clouds
  •     -Scalable per-application deployments allow each mission-critical app to get its own WAF


Analytics-driven, accurate security policies

  •      -Real-time security insights eliminate false positives
  •      -Visual policy checks prior to enforcement


Central, simplified policy management

  •       -Central management and automation of all distributed iWAF instances
  •   - Point-and-click policy configurations, with pre-defined templates for OWASP Core Rule Set, customizable for each application


“Appliance-based products weren’t meeting our needs, and as we evaluatedalternatives, web application firewalling was our number-one consideration,”said Joris Vuffray, Head of Network and System Management at Swisslos, a Swisslottery based in Basel. “We were pleasantly surprised by the Avi iWAF’s simpledeployment, impressive ease-of-use, and intelligent security analytics, as wellas the responsiveness of the Avi team.” 


“In the face of ever-increasing cyber threats, enterprises need to protecttheir most important revenue-generating assets: their web applications. Wedesigned iWAF to be robust and secure for any application, traditional orcloud-native, under any amount of traffic,” said Guru Chahal, Vice President ofProduct at Avi Networks. “By reimagining what a WAF could be for modernapplications and hybrid environments, we were able to deliver betterperformance, intelligence, and price, all with the ease-of-use our customershave come to expect.”


The Avi Networks iWAF is the latest component of the Avi Vantage Platform,which features a Smart Load Balancer and an Application Service Mesh. AviNetworks recorded 440% growth in year-over-year bookings and 270% customergrowth over the last four quarters.


Avi is taking orders for iWAF, and the solution will be generally availableby October 31, 2017. For more detail on iWAF, visit Avi Networks’ website here

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