AVON Launches First No-Gas ‘Intense’ Deoperfume Range For Men and Women in India

Bangalore: 03 May 2019 - AVON, the world’s leading beauty brand, has launched seven variants of AVON Intense No-Gas Deoperfume in India — its first range of no-gas, long-lasting deodorants for men and women that pack a punch with their strong, intense scent complete with top, middle and bottom notes akin to fine fragrances. TV celebs Jennifer Winget and Karan Wahi have come on board as brand ambassadors for the women’s and men’s range respectively.

“As a brand, AVON has always believed in pioneering beauty trends and this launch just strengthens our belief that we are leaders in this business. The new, long-lasting Intense No-Gas Deoperfume shares similar characteristics of a perfume, giving the product an edge over other deodorants available in the market.,” says Swati Jain, Marketing Director AVON. 


The new deodorants —four for men and three for women— come with guaranteed 1200 sprays in premium carton packaging and serves as the ideal accomplice for the Indian weather. Understanding the Indian market demography and geography, AVON has launched the Intense deo perfume which bridges the gap between the need of a product in the market while matching consumer preference. The deo perfume has a long-lasting effect crafted with fragrances that soothe the senses and does not vaporize unlike regular deodorants.


For over 130 years, Avon has been producing signature fragrances as well as cosmetics and home goods that have become a staple in homes all over the world. With the launch of this innovative new Deoperfume, AVON has expanded its existing range of fragrances in the Indian market that include Imari, Little Black Dress, Attraction, Homme to name a few. AVON Intense Deo Perfume builds AVON’s position as a fragrance powerhouse.


“I am delighted to associate with a brand that leads the trend with best in class, superior products. The women’s range, that comes in three fragrances, is to die for. These cool Deoperfumes are a wardrobe essential for women to love to smell good throughout the day,” said TV celebrity Jennifer Winget.


‘Men love an intense, long lasting, effective fragrance and this new product has it all. It’s ideal for men who love to leave a trail of strong perfume wherever they go. With this new innovative deoperfume, AVON has hit the right note and I am very happy to be associated with the brand,” said TV celebrity Karan Wahi. 


The seven range comes in various scents to capture your olfactory senses. The men’s range has four deo perfumes that comes in a mix of oriental fragrances that are warm, spicy and ethereal and fresh fragrances which are natural and citrus.


Men Range

Avon Intense Deo Perfume – Pulse and Magnetic comes in the in a blend of fragrances with sweet top notes with additional notes of herbs, spices and wood. The AVON Intense Pulse opens with an aromatic fragrance with the scent of bergamot and violet that gradually evaporates and the scent of oakmoss, cedarwood and sandalwood become noticeable. The AVON Intense Magnetic opens with the sweet scent of Lavender, Caraway and Basil, transcending to the main scent, which is a blend of sandalwood, juniper, patchouli, cardamom as the middle note and leather, tonka bean and musk as the base notes.

AVON Intense Mesmerize is Fresh Citrus and the notes in this deo perfume will lift up your mood and will make you smile. The top notes open with galbanum, lemon and mint which is more fresh moving to the main theme of the deo perfume which is citrus with geranium, pepper, lavandin middle notes and moss, orange blossom, vetiver base notes

AVON Intense Sensation, the last in the men’s category comes in the favorite Oriental fragrance family. The oriental spicy fragrances composed of bergamot, grapefruit, pepper, cardamom, saffron top notes make the deo perfume truly sensational. It has a rich middle note with geranium, pine, cedarwood, cinnamon, nutmeg and sandalwood, drywoody, patchouly, vanilla, musk base notes which gives it a well-rounded character.

The women’s range comes in three variants which are in the Floral Olfactory Family. Floral. Like the word floral, the fragrance notes include the classic rose, lavender and jasmine with a beautiful mix of silky aroma of shrubs, fruits and amber fragrances that are musky and earthy.

Women Range

AVON Intense Desire is in the Light Fougere family with sweet top notes of mandarine, lemon, green, pineapple slowly developing into the middle notes of Lavender, galbanum, orange blossom, rhubarb and leaving a lasting impression with the mossy base notes of amber, patchouli, musk.

AVON Intense Tempt in in the Floriental family. A magical mix of floral and oriental, the deo perfume opens with the aroma of spices and flowers like clove, rose, saffron, bergamot moving on to the scent of patchouli, geranium, jasmine, sandalwood to gradually wrap you in fragrance mist of oud, drywoody, vanilla, praline, labdanum.

AVON Intense Charm is a lively Floral Fruity deo perfume. With the romanticism of flowers and the playfulness of fruits, the deo perfume opens with the scent of bergamot, tangerine, apple, black currant. Magnolia, gardenia, lily of the valley beautifully comprises the middle notes and completing the lovely long-lasting fragrance, the base notes comprise of amber, patchouli, vanilla, musk.

Price: INR 359

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