AXA IN INDIA JOINS HANDS WITH INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH (IPH) TO MAKE BENGALURU ROADS SAFER. Road Safety initiative kicks off during AXA CR Week in association with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) aiming to reduce road crash fatalities.

Bengaluru, 23rd June, 2018: AXAin India has partnered with city-based Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru(IPH) a leading public health organization to make Bengaluru roads safer withits new initiative “Safer Roads Bengaluru”. The initiative which was launchedin collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) willfocus on identifying crash prone stretches of road in the city and bringingsustained interventions based on the Safe Systems approach which will reducefatalities in days to come.

Every year, about 1.5 lakh Indians die from roadinjuries while about 5 lakh sustain serious injuries. Karnataka, with apopulation of over 6.1 crore, accounts for the third largest number of roadinjuries and fifth highest number of road traffic deaths in India.

Dr. B. Basavaraaju, IAS, Principal Secretary toGovt. of Karnataka, Transport Department launched thisinitiative.

Explaining the initiative Dr. N.Devadasan,Director of IPH said, “Road traffic crashes are agrave public health concern as they are the main cause of death among thoseaged 15–29 years. Karnataka and Bengaluru witness many crashes leading to deathand disability each year. We will conduct a detailed study of various factorscausing crashes for Bengaluru roads as a part of this initiative and work withbest practices on one to two stretches of roads to make them safer”. Addingfurther he said, “Studies have shown that simple interventions like wearingseat belt or helmet, reducing the speed we drive, avoiding drunk driving anddistracted driving have proven life-saving. We shall create campaigns to raiseawareness on such issues”.

Head HR and Chief Corporate ResponsibilityOfficer, AXA Business Services, Nagarajan V, also spoke on this occasion, “AtAXA, we have a huge focus on road safety and across the world we have severalinitiatives and partnerships to strengthen road safety, improve knowledge aboutthe causes of accidents and create preventive measures and solutions. Ourpartnership with Institute of Public Health will look at creating  modelstretches of roads in Bengaluru by educating stakeholders on enforcement,emergency care, proper lighting, and creating an environment that provides forfatality free roads. This program has the full support of our CEO, managementcommittee and leadership team and will see their active participation to createawareness on road safety”.

Presiding over the event, Dr. G S Venkatesh,Director, Advance Research, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS),said,“University is happy to have collaborated in thisinitiative which focuses on preventive aspects. As a university for health itis our duty to create more awareness on preventive and safety measures ofhealth, especially for issues like road crash injuries which are preventable byfollowing simple interventions”.

Employees from AXA will also support and join thevarious campaigns under this Safer Roads program through the year.

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