Bangalore is ready for a Happy Retired Life

Bengaluru, 19th April 2018: Bangalore’s first-ever event to guide retiring and retired people financially organized by was a well-attended meet which got a great response from the attendees. The seminar ‘Happy Retired Life’ put light on ways people can plan their finances to lead a happy and comfortable life after retirement. Garnering a huge response from an audience aged 50 years and above the event has created a high benchmark in the industry and given its audience a reason to smile.

Amar Pandit,CFA,  is the Founder & Chief Happyness Officer, said, “Before planning a retirement one needs todecide on what retirement exactly means to them. For some individuals it mightmean travelling the world for some living in the country side. To fulfill anyof these retirement goals, financial planning is a must. doesexactly that; helps plan its client’s finances for the future in order to helpthem live a happy, healthy stress-free life. We are glad to have seen thetremendous response for our maiden event “Happy Retired Life” held in Bangaloreand pleased to have touched base with the large audience to help them plantheir finances for their retirement. We would also like to thank all ourpartners for their support and help to make this event a success.” 

The mainhighlight takeaway of the event was the fact that financial preparedness for retirement is a necessity not an option which in turn helps live a stressfree life before & after retirement. To help the audience some of the keypoints touched upon by various speakers included:

·         Howto plan your finances for unforeseen financial and emotional difficulties

·         Where,when & how to Invest for the future

·         Whatnot to do with your money

·          Investmentoptions for retirees 

MilinShahProductDevelopment Head:were amongst the notable speakers at the Seminar and said,“The audience was extremely receptive and they understood the nuances ofretirement planning which were explained.  Over our several years ofexperience, we have come across many retirees and have understood that planningfor retirees comes with its own challenges. The responsibility of safeguardingtheir money against risks such as inflation, regulatory changes, defaults byfinancial institutions etc lies on our shoulders. Retirees need to take a holisticview at this stage and understand the basic problems such as  “Do I haveenough?” and “What can I do to last it longer”

Mr.Jagdish Prasadone of the attendees said "The best thing I liked about Happyness Factorywas its unbiased approach. In this event they didn’t speak about any particularscheme or fund but we got all the requisite information. The speakers andpresenters were utterly honest and had a very professional attitude. I believethey will go a long way".

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