Bangalore Kids join super-sleuths Gattu Battu in some fun mystery and riddle solving

Bangalore - 17th May, 2017: Gattu and Battu, the two super-slueths from India’s first animated investigative series, visited Bangalore for a fun filled event of solving mysteries and logical mind games!

Gattu-Battu is a contemporary series with India at its core.Gattu Battu is a story of two best friends who own an investigative andsecurity agency in a small town called Vishrampur.  While Battu is the sixth sense behind everycase to be solved, his friend Gattu is the courageous and righteous one. Theirhilarious and brilliant cover-ups is what forms the heart and soul of thisshow.  Gattu and Gattu are joined intheir fun escapades by Ting Tong, their goofy and adorable sidekick with aflair for martial arts. They together along with Dr. Bhatawadekar and hisgadgets come together to fight the notoriously funny villain Sher Singh. Theunique investigative home-grown animated show from the house of Nickelodeon isan ultimate blend of action and comedy and is sure to provide a fun filledentertainment experience for kids.

Celebrating their super successful television debut, GATTUBATTU will be painting the country orange and making friends with their youngviewers along the way. The kids had a gala time taking part in several gamesand activities with the super cool duo and went home with a smile andunforgettable memories of Gattu Battu.

  It’s time to polishyour magnifying glasses and join Gattu Battu in their riotous investigativejourney every Monday to Friday @7pm on your favorite channel Nickelodeon!

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