Basava is hosting the world’s most unique natural dye ‘Indigo-The Colour of India

Basava is happy to announce a 11 daylong event on Indigenous Indigo, an event showcasing ‘Indigo’ one of its kind in Bengaluru.

Basava would like to present this event to celebrate Indigo. World ‘s most unique dye, the only natural color “Blue”. As we move to a period of environmentally conscious consumers with a desire for slow fashion and long-lasting products. We take this opportunity to host an event to bring indigo as a sustainable material and practice.

This event will host master artisans’ brands and designers, performances, talks, showcasing the documentary and interactive sessions with practitioners and makers. To compliment this event Basava will be inviting artists, designers and makers to showcase their variety of products created using Indigo dye.

The 11 daylong events will witness the best brands in the country such as Avani, Wearers Studio ,Karomi, Malkha, Women Weave, Upasana, Punarjeevana,Malkha,Khela,Atul Johri,Earthistic,Aagghhoo ,Sasha and Aranya Naturals who believe in sustainable living, conscious clothing and intricacies of fine craftmanship and the efforts put in to creating these master pieces. The participating brands believing in revival and keeping alive age-old traditions of India.

Date: 8th-17th August

Venue: Basava 93, Kanakapura Rd, Mohammedan Block, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

Time: 10:30am-8:30pm

Contact No:080-26561940/7411148021

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