Bayer Animal Health launches Seresto™ in India

National, 9 April 2019: Bayer Animal Health in India announced the launch of Seresto™, an easy-to-use, convenient collar, which provides effective protection against fleas and ticks in dogs for up to 8 months. Since its first launch in Europe in 2011, millions of pets have been treated with Seresto™ worldwide, making it Bayer Animal Health´s biggest brand globally. Seresto™ represents a major advancement in the development of anti-parasitic prevention and treatment is registered in 79 countries around the world, including India.

Seresto™ is designed to deal with the vagaries of climate change and the resultant rise in temperatures across the globe that makes the pet community vulnerable to fleas and ticks around the year. The collar is enriched with research-based innovative polymer technology that helps in the sustained release of active ingredients in desired concentrations, for up to eight months. . Odourless, water-resistant and easy-to-apply, the Seresto flea and tick collar is an easy way to effectively keep your pet parasite-free for a long time.

Bayer Animal Health team in India introduced Seresto™ to about 500 veterinarians through a scientific session discussing the Companion Vector Borne Diseases (CVBD) landscape in India and the need for prevention. Speaking about CVBD, Dr A Sangaran, Professor, Department of Veterinary Parasitology, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai, who is also the the General Secretary of the Indian Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (IAAVP) said, “In a tropical country like India, climatic conditions are such that the product is bound to gain popularity very quickly. With an increasing incidence of Canine Vector Borne Diseases, it is high time we control the commonly found vector ticks on dogs and take care of the pets’ surrounding environment. The protection not only concerns the well-being of the animal but also the health of families owning the pets, as the disease could be transmitted to humans if it is not addressed within time.”

Rajesh Aggarwal, Head Commercial Operations – Asia, Bayer Animal Health said, “Seresto™ is designed to free the pet owners of the monthly hassle of prevention and treatments and we are excited to launch it for the Indian market. The collar offers a real benefit to pet owners and their pets with the confidence that their dogs are well protected for a whole season against fleas and ticks wherever they go. Seresto ™ is an innovative solution in which factors for pharmaceutical quality, long-lasting efficacy, safety, and market innovation are aligned. The global success of Seresto™ confirms the belief that we offer products that really meet customers’ needs.”

Seresto™ is available as a collar in two sizes for dogs (large dog and small dog) and could be purchased in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore starting March 2019.

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