Bengaluru comes out in hordes to support Go Cashless Rally, a part of ‘Remonetise India’

Bengaluru, February 2, 2017: On the 8th of November, 2016, 85% of India’s currency was pulled out of circulation. Out of which only about 50% has been restored. As part of the ‘Remonetise India - A Citizen's Pledge’ campaign and after a successful ‘Go-Cashless Rally’ organized in Mumbai, the next leg of the rally took place in Bengaluru today. The aim of the rally was to drive awareness to explore digital platforms and save cash for the more needy. A great number of people on the street took the pledge for remonetisation and supported the initiative to go cashless.

The rallykick-started from Corporation Circle moving to MG road andwent right up to Indiranagar CMH Road with huge rally ofbikers halting at various locations to encourage people to go cashless. Themain objective of this activity was to create awareness around the fact that alarge part of our economy which lives in the rural areas is cashdependant and only if we use less cash will the cash be diverted to them. Aswell informed citizens, we need to help those who cannot function without cash. 

The movementreceived tremendous support from the public as people came out in hordes andjoined this movement. During the course of the rally, a large number ofcitizens who witnessed this movement joined the rally, for the greater good ofthe country. Young professionals from the IT industry, college students,entrepreneurs and elderly citizens were seen lending their support to thisinitiative of going cashless. 

‘RemonetiseIndia’ campaign will have more such rallies to serve the need of the hour and makethis economic revolution a great success.

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