Bengaluru Must be a Future Ready Destination : Rizwan Arshad

Bangalore, April 16th 2019: Rizwan Arshad, candidate for Bangalore Central from the Congress-JDS combine, has released his vision document for the constituency. His vision is to make Namma Bengaluru a future-ready destination, while focusing on key issues like strengthening infrastructure, improving public transport and last mail connectivity, enhance public health and sanitation conditions, making Bengaluru a zero waste city, ensuring security and safety of citizens, enabling a clean and green Bengaluru, creating a jobs revolution and providing access to clean and safe drinking water.

“Be it water, public transport, roads or even safety of the areas, we need to plan for the future generations. We need to implement technology for smart traffic solutions in order to make Bangalore Central future ready. My focus will be on inclusive and equitable development which caters to the needs of all sections of the society. We want to integrate the efforts of residents and public representatives in order to develop Bangalore Central into a model constituency.” Rizwan Arshad said.

Elaborating on infrastructure and public transport issues that he will address, Rizwan Arshad said,“There is an urgent requirement to adequately invest in infrastructure through increased Government allocations and public-private partnerships.  My focus will be to develop the Peripheral Ring Road to ease traffic within Bengaluru City and fast track the Suburban Rail to provide seamless connectivity. In order to enhance public transport, my focus will be on increasing the number of Metro Rail carriages and improving the frequency so as to accommodate the rising number of commuters. We are also committed to introducing additional buses to cater to the needs of 4.9 million commuters every day. We also believe that for public transport to be truly efficient, last mile connectivity  is of utmost importance. My focus will be on construction of cycle tracks, introduction of feeder services and use of modern technology to integrate all forms of transportation“

Rizwan said that steps needed to be taken to enhance the healthcare workforce and modernize government hospitals. “We are commited to adopting an integrated solid waste management system and will invest in modern technologies for treatment, recycling and reuse. We will push for 100% waste segregation at source, the establishment of aerobic compost plants in every ward and processing of organic waste” he says. Touching upon security and safety of citizens, Rizwan Arshad says, “We will bring adequate investment to upgrade the city’s security system and strengthen the surveillance system. Special focus will be provided towards the security and safety  of women and children.”

“Reviving of the 47 lakes in Bangalore Central and developing the area around it into ecological spots along with the maintenance of over 450 parks will be our top priority. We will promote the usage of electric vehicles by providing incentives and creating the associated infrastructure. We strongly believe that development should not be at the cost of nature.” Rizwan says.

Adequate job creation has been a major concern over the last decade or so. Outlining his vision for jobs creation, Rizwan says, “Technology is becoming  more and more cognitive, demanding upgradation of skills. We will undertake skill development programs at several levels and establish Centers of Excellence to address employment. In addition, we will diversify jobs and invest in new domains like Aerospace and Defence, Artificial intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning  and Robotics, Agri-Innovation and Cyber Security among others. “

“Fulfilling basic needs for the well being of the people is my priority. My focus will be to provide  reliable access to safe drinking water for all along with the conservation of natural water resources.” Rizwan adds.

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