Bengaluru Next Workshop: United Bengaluru is a must to revive, restore and redesign Namma city

Tuesday, February 28, 2017: Namma Bengaluru Foundation in association with Mount Carmel College organized a day-long workshop – Bengaluru Next, which brought forth the various issues plaguing the city and how a #UnitedBengaluru can reshape the future of this city. The workshop brought several stakeholders along with the student community of the city on one platform to deliberated on the various economic and administrative challenges the city faces and restore it for generations to come.

Dignitaries who addressed the gathering are as follows: Justice (Retd) Santosh Hegde; Mr. B N Vijay Kumar, MLA; Mr. Rizwan Arshad, MLC; Mr. Praveen Sood, IPS, Commissioner of Police; Mr. Sridhar Pabbisetty, CEO, Namma Bengaluru Foundation; Mr. Prakash Belawadi, Actor and Activist; Ms. Yashaswini Sharma, Architect; Mr. Naresh Narasimhan, Architect; Dr. Meenakshi Bharath, Civic Activist; Dr. Hita Unnikrishnan; Mr. Jayaram HR; Mr. Ashwin Mahesh; Mr. S Vishwanath; Ms. Odette Katrak; Mr. Pavan Srinath. 

Addressing the gathering, Former Karnataka Lokayukta Justice (Retd) Santosh Hegde said, “In a democracy it’s the people’s voice that matters and hence each one of us must fight for the cause of Bengaluru. The caretakers, who have to ensure the safety of lakes and Raja Kaluves, have themselves encroached these water bodies. The state administration must be held accountable and we must fight against the corrupt. Our city has only a few open places left and soon this will disappear too if the citizens do not work towards protecting our city and its heritage. We have to become more proactive in fighting to restore and reclaim our city.”

Addressing the gathering Praveen Sood, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Bangalore City said, “Citizens want transparency in the system and technology is one way the government can ensure the same. What was not physically possible a few years ago is possible now because of technology. Today the number of people approaching the police by dialing 100 has reduced because of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other online tools. This has ensured proper records of complaints raised as well. We have to move towards connected governance where information must be cross-shared among various departments and appropriate aggregate data should be made public” 

VijayKumar, Member ofLegislative Assembly (BJP) said, “The city is plunging into further chaos. TheRMP 2031 has focused only on the population growth and mobility, but they haveno plans for water usage. If this plan is implemented then we will facedifferent kinds of environmental problems. The only way to plan a better cityis have an open forum between the various parastatal agencies and the citizens.A step forward in this direction would be initiating Ward Committee formationand ensuring its smooth functioning.” 

RizwanArshad, Member(Elect), Karnataka Legisative Council said, “It’s every citizen’s right toavail information and will ensure the Government responds to all pending RTIs.Will also ensure that research data related to Bengaluru and the city’s planningis made available in public domain without any hassle.” 

PrakashBelawadi, Actor andActivist said, “To ensure transparency of information and data, citizen’s mustbe willing to give up on their privacy to some extent while government mustassure that it won’t hide behind the cloud of secrecy.” 

Dr. Sr.Aparna, Principal,Mount Carmel College said, “The cities growth was sudden and unexpected, whichhas led to all the problems. It is now time for the stakeholders to cometogether to protect the heritage of the city.” 

SridharPabbisetty, CEO,Namma Bengaluru Foundation said, “Our city has been destroyed with almostirreversible damage being caused to its environment and heritage. Thegovernment and bureaucrats no longer consider citizens as the one of theimportant stakeholders and due to this, the city is mostly run like a realestate or contractors’ company with plans, projects and resources. Citizensmust be involved in shaping the city and deciding its future. Comprehensivecity development plan is a must and adhoc decisions and misuse of governmentdiscretions as means of favour and corruption must be stopped. Mostimportantly, government/agencies are responsible and hence a United Bengalurumust hold them accountable from time to time. We hope this interactive workshopwill inspire citizens to come forward and lend their voice for a betterfuture.” 

AboutNamma Bengaluru Foundation NBF is an organization working towards making Bengaluru amodel city, with well-planned infrastructure, well laid out neighborhoodcommunity models and people-driven governance measures. NBF aims to be thevoice of the people; a voice that needs to be heard in order for Bengaluru tobecome a truly Global City. 

AboutMount Carmel College Mount Carmel College is a prestigious institution in Indiawhich strives towards the goal of “Empowering through Education” since itsinception in 1948. The changing dynamics and cultural pluralism of the city ofBengaluru are reflected in MCC which attracts students from all over the countryand offers 38 UG and 16 PG programs.

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