Bengaluru Opts to Adopt, Pedigree and METRO Wholesale join hands for Pet adoption drive

Bengaluru , January 29, 2018: Driven by a mission to provide a home to homeless stray animals and drive responsible pet ownership, Bengaluru Opts to Adopt along with Pedigree (the leading pet food brand of Mars India ) and Metro Wholesale , launched a three day ‘Pet Adoption ’ in Bengaluru from 26th-28th January.

The Pet adoption drive was conducted at MetroWholesale’s Distribution Centers at Yeshwantpur and was attended by Ms. RitikaGoel, Founder of Bengaluru Opts to adopt and Mr. Thirumalai M,National Manager - Modern Trade & Ecom Mars India. The Pet adoption drivereceived stupendous response from pet lovers and potential pet parents.  

Bengaluru Opts to Adopt hasbeen actively promoting adoption program for the past few years.The adoption drive will further help create awareness on pets besidesinform, educate and interact with potential pet parents who are keento adopt Indian dogs as pets.

Ms. Ritika Goel, Founder of Bengaluru Opts toadopt says, “Adoption of rescued animals is the wayforward to building a society where humans and animals co-exist respectfully.If we each adopt in 1 community animals than the roads will be free from roadkills. Studies also show that a child that grows up with pets develops a senseof responsibility and confidence thus having a positive impact on theirpersonality. Growing up with pets also means that you will have strongerimmunity when compared to a non-pet parent. Dogs and cats are also known to betherapeutic in the sense that having them around controls blood pressure, lowerthe risk of depression and help a person to cope up with the hectic andpressurizing lifestyle that we all are living in.

Our mission is for people to be more aware about thebenefits of adoption and also educate them on the right practices that will naturetheir relationship with their pets. All the puppies and cats adopted from ushave had such a positive impact on their new family and we only see the boundget closer. Come and meet out team and get to know more about these puppyfaces. We would like to appreciate Pedigree and Metro from teaming up tosupport such a big cause. Such brands are examples

Congratulating the drive , Mr Nitin Kulkarni,Director- Corporate Affairs Mars India says“Pedigree is delighted to partner with Bengaluru Opts to adopt in their effortsto provide forever families to the homeless dogs. Bengaluru Opts toadopt has extended help to over 150 and counting sick and injuredanimals and birds till date. We at Mars believe that “Pets make the worldbetter” and our goal is to make the “World better for Pets”. The pet adoption atBengaluru  is one such significant step in our efforts to encourage peopleto adopt Indian dogs and provide them loving homes. It is a perfectdemonstration of putting our Principles into Action, and we are committed tosupport Bengaluru Opts to adopt and such organizations to help drive adoption.We are pleased in looking forward to such associations in future aswell.”  

“Adopting and looking after a Pet is a hugecommitment. We are delighted to be associated with ‘Bengaluru Opts to Adopt’and Pedigree in their efforts to provide a loving and caring home to manyhomeless stray animals, and educating adopters to be more responsible. Thereare several roadside stray animals living in appalling conditions subject tostarvation and dehydration. Only a handful of them get saved by the animalrescuers while the rest are largely ignored. As an organization, we believe inan inclusive society, and encourage more and more pet lovers to join thismovement and be a part of this adoption drive.”-  Spokesperson , METROWholesale

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