Bengaluru Water Warriors Join Hands to Save Water

Bengaluru 23rd March 2017. Water is a scare resource and its demand in Bengaluru city is increasing by the day. Awareness and programs on the efficient use of water and conservation are the need of the hour. Training to use advanced technology and understanding proper reuse, recycle and recharge system will ensure efficient use of water.

To address this, the B. CLIP leaders have conceptualizedBengluru Water Warriors, a citizens initiative to run a collaborative andresult oriented campaign to bring about awareness and take up measures forwater conservation.

Lead by the B. CLIP leaders , a press meet was held atBangalore Press Club today , Ms. Meenashi Ravi Krishnan, Mr. Anand Prasad,  Mr.Srinivas V and Sampath C, Ms. Sowmya Reddy, Jythii P Chowdry and SagarSatish  were present at the press meetalong with the rest of BWW Core Committee,  addressing the structure and goals of the Bengaluru Water Warriors. Muchattention was paid to the walkathon which will take  place on Saturday 25th March to launch thenew initiative. Starting from the Kantirva Stadium and concluding at the CubbonPark Queen Statue, the walkathon will take place from 7 am to 9 am.

Following the launch, the BWW shall lead the followingactivities in their respective wards for the year ahead of us.

• Awarenesson water conservation in schools and communities

• Programsto promote the use of water aerators, grey water and other pieces of technologythat help save water

• Programsto promote  rain water harvesting systemsin private and public areas.

• Otherrelated activities and programs

The program shall be run in collaboration with BBMP andBWSSB. The leaders shall work together, share their learning and submitperiodic reports to the government and citizens regarding the program.

Mr. Sagar Satish said , The water to Bengluru City comesfrom more than 100 kms away, everyone should understand why even a single dropof water is so precious.

Addressing media Ms. Sowmya Reddy said , Bengaluru WaterSupply is spending more than 500 crores to pump water to Bangalore each year.If we do not care or act on conversing water now, we are bound to face a muchbigger problem tomorrow

Jyothi P Chowdry said “More than 2000 people arejoining us for the launch of this initiative at the Walkathon. Upon launching,the program will take place the entire year, educating people in each ward onhot to conserve and the steps to take to prevent problems in the future” Shealso urged everyone to participate in the walkathon to show solidarity.

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