Bengaluru youth launch new political party to fix the city

April 29th 2017. Anil Shetty declared the launch of Nav Bharat Democratic Party which he leads as National President. "The Nav Bharat Democratic Party enables youth to be equal decision-makers in politics, in a landscape where political and administrative decisions are monopolised by seniors who appear to be out of sync with civic reality. Our party will empower city youth in their quest to save Bengaluru by solving its civic issues."

"NavBharat Democratic Party's first goal is 'Nagara Swaraj' : Urban Self-Governancein Bengaluru", says Anil Shetty.Nav Bharat Democratic Party opened its first ward office in Domlur in ahearteningly unassuming ceremony in this era of ostentatious political events.The youth present to show their support for the party were from diversesocio-economic backgrounds - a conscious move away from political events beingdominated by a single community. "The Domlur Ward Office is the first of198 Ward Offices that Nav Bharat Democratic Party is committed toestablishing", said Shivakumar, party's ward level leader. . "Theprimary goal of each Ward Office is to engage area citizens in good civicprocesses through local leaders who are community-minded."Nav Bharat Deocratic Party will also build people's consensus towardspressurising the Government of Karnataka to amend the Karnataka MunicipalCorporations Act, 1976 to give Bengaluru city Mayor and Deputy Mayor a fiveyear term with enhanced power in order to be able to serve the city better. TheParty has demanded that an expert committee should review the (conformitylegislation of 74th constitutional amendment in KMC), as well as thereconstitution of area sabhas and ward committees. The party also demands thedevolution of all 18 powers granted to urban local bodies by theConstitution, so that alongside Bengaluru, Mangalore, Mysore, Belgaum, Tumkur,and Hubli-Dharwad will also be truly self-governing.Nav Bharat Democratic Party claims to be a youngest political party in thecountry with 29 year old Bengaluru boy Anil Shetty as its National President.Dressed in white shirt, blue jeans and a smart watch, Anil Shetty was flanked byhis young team when addressing the press: "Nav Bharat is driven by theenergy of youngsters and the wisdom of elders. The party aims to form theyoungest elected city council in the country by winning a majority in the 2020BBMP election. For now we will focus on building the party base and culture byengaging the younger generation in building leadership at various levels."Despite Nav Bharat Democratic Party's present focus on building Bengaluru, itsslogan "Nava Bengaluru, Nava Karnataka, Nav Bharat" indicates theteam's eventual state-wide and nation-wide aspiration.The party takes the battle to the street staright away by announcing "JalaYatra - a movement against the city's Water Mafia". Recently, the partyhad investigated and criticized the failure of the Siddaramaiah government'sAnna Bhagya Scheme.In his typically powerful oration, Anil Shetty appealed to the city youth tojoin his party and help build a socially progressive, economically developed,and efficiently governed India, beginning with Bengaluru.Unlike a typical political event Nav Bharat hosted a live music concert at thecelebration.

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