Bengaluru’s Mrs Anjali Rao bags ‘Face of South’ subtitle at the Mrs India Earth 2019

Bengaluru October 2019. Mrs India Earth 2019 Grand Finale took place on 28th September 2019 in ITC Welcomhotel in New Delhi. Mrs. India Earth Is India's first Registered dignified married women pageant by the Founders Directors Mrs. Ritika Vinay and Mr. Vinay Yadawa. Mrs INDIA Earth holds a yearly event for Indian Women who embody Beauty, Talent, Intelligence and Compassion. Mrs. India Earth organization is committed to the task of saving and preserving the Earth. This event aims to celebrate the beauty of women, both on the inside and outside.

“It is such a pride to be a finalist and subtitle winner “Face of South” for Mrs India Earth 2019. This is a Prestigious platform for Married Woman that not only gives an opportunity to celebrate womanhood  but also encourages to Save Environment. “Saving the Environment is the need of the hour”, Anjali says. Professionally a Writer, Anjali is also a mom to a 20 months old baby girl and says her daughter is her motivation and the driving force behind everything she does. Anjali wants to show women that being a mom does not close the door to fulfilling their dreams. Women are capable of being a wonderful mother, being successful in their careers, and also accomplishing their dreams. She advocates the importance of never giving up on your dreams and goals. 

Anjali Rao shares how being a mother equipped her to prepare for the prestigious pageant. She believes having a kid transformed her into the superwoman she never thought she could be, and the lessons she has learned will help her in her Mrs India Earth pageant journey. “I continue to learn a lot from my motherhood experiences every single day.   Being a mother equipped me to be braver, to persevere in difficulties, to be more responsible. I have also become more conscious about the environment and what type of world we live in.  I constantly worry about toxins in plastic toys, or pesticides and what they might mean for the future of children” she adds.

Anjali Rao also shared the knowledge and experience she gained during her journey from Mrs India Earth 2019. “Being in a pageant teaches you to be confident and to love yourself.  It is a way to enjoy some healthy competition and promote good causes.Pageantry teaches personality development, communication skills, confidence and stress management. These skills help the participants to carve out their own path in life. Participating in a prestigious beauty pageant can open a flood-gate of opportunities. Beauty pageants such as this are a test of the combination of beauty and brain. The contestants also need to demonstrate their intellectual capacity in such competitions.” Anjali says.

 “We form a strong sisterhood. You end up being pageant sisters, you support each other and help each other. Each contestant strived for her personal best while lifting others up along the way.”, she says when asked about fellow contestants. 

The Grand Finale which was conducted by Adiva Innovations took place in three rounds such as  Introduction round in Gold dress, Eco wear and evening gown. The Grand Finale was judged by celebrities including actress Bhagyashree, Dr Sharad Kohli(Director od KCC Groups), SSameer (Singer & Music Director). The contestants were groomed by an expert panel of fashion choreographers and trainers– Rita Gangwani(Personality Development mentor), Pammy Kaul(Grooming Partner), Ramon Lamba( Grooming Partner), Lokesh Sharma( Show Choreographer), Radheka Khanna( Image Consultant Expert), Dr. Shishir Palsapure(Holistic Development Expert), Dr. Prerna Taneja(Skincare Partner), Nupur Gupta( Make-over Partner), Dr. Aditi Bhatnagar( Skin care Partner).

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