Bestselling Author Devanshi Sharma's book ‘I Think I am in Love’ to be released in Bangalore

'I Think I am in Love’, a book by a content expert and travel enthusiast turned bestselling author Devanshi Sharma will be released at Sapna Book House at Residency Road in Bangalore on Saturday, 2nd February 2019 at 4.30 pm

Devanshi Sharma's new book ‘I Think I am in Love’ is published by Srishti Publishers, India’s leading publication house, and is priced at Rs. 195 /- .  

 ‘I Think I am in Love’ is a story of two friends who explore the adventures of love, living through its highs and lows with pain and pleasure. Meera and Ishaan are buddies, but the friendship faces a rocky terrain when love comes knocking. Amidst conversations and silence, from romance to estrangement, from whacky surprises to startling shocks - this story is a roller coaster of emotions. A story of love at its very core, it’s an electrifying read that shows us how friendship is the first and last step of love - it's just the steps in between that take a lifetime to cover.  

Devanshi Sharma's books have been favourites with readers of all ages and have been reviewed as interesting stories of love and fulfilment of dreams. The book has maintained a consistently good rank ever since pre-orders going live on leading online portals. 

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