BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital navigates the leg of India's Largest Heart Healthy Challenge

Bangalore, September 30, Friday: Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group and Continental Hospitals conducted India's Largest Heart Healthy challenge #WearARed which is a week-long heart awareness campaign in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Over 100 corporates and 2,50,000 employees have signed up for this campaign so far. The campaign was kicked off on September 23rd and will culminate on September 29th, the World Heart Day.

#WearARed challenge is aimed at raising awareness amongst working professionals on embracing a heart healthy lifestyle and cut their risks of heart-related illnesses. In Bengaluru more than 35,000 employees from 20 major corporates participated in the campaign. Prominent corporates from the city include Global Edge, Mindtree, and Toyota. Employees from these corporates came together, wearing red and participated in activities like climbing two flights of stairs in 90 seconds, 20 jumping jacks, 2 sit-ups, 5 minutes of Bollywood dancing, 20 repetitions of light theraband exercises or 45 seconds of running on the spot. Expectation was that on completion of the activity, the employees should be able to comfortably talk to someone without exerted breathing. This was in true sense a test of their heart function and heart age.

Ms Shailaja Suresh, CEO, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, Bengaluru, said,”I am extremely pleased with the overwhelming response by so many corporates in signing up for the #WearARed Challenge. The commitment of all these corporates to help their employees achieve a healthy heart regimen reflects the increasing prevalence of heart diseases amongst young working population and the awareness of the employers about the effect of this on the work stability.”

Dr Prasad Bhat, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital added, “In Bangalore, we often come across young patients in their late 20s and early 30s showing symptoms of heart ailments. There has been an increase in cases of heart attacks amongst youngsters which leads to either mortality or significant morbidity. This is a fairly new phenomenon which will become far more common, if our youth does not take the necessary steps to live a healthy life. As responsible doctors, we always recommend that prevention is better than cure. By being physically active and adopting a healthy diet are the simplest measures one can take to keep their heart healthy.”

The campaign is enjoying a successful run with countless employees tweeting and/or sharing Instagram and Facebook posts.

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