Bharti Foundation’s Satya Bharti Adarsh Schools excel in Class XII CBSE Board Examinations

Overall pass percentage is 92.02%, which is higher than the national pass percentage of 83.01% despite schools being located in rural areas and children coming primarily from challenging socio-economic backgrounds

Village Girls outshine boys and prove theirmettle with an overall pass percentage of 98%

The schools recorded highest marks inthe subjects like Retail (100%), Political Science and Economics (99%),Accountancy, History, and English (95%)

Total of 163 students (98 girls and 65 boys)  fromall five Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools in Punjab appeared forthe Class XII CBSE Board Examinations

Amritsar, May 26, 2018: BhartiFoundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises proudly announces theremarkable achievement of students of Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondaryschools located in remote rural Punjab in the Class XII CBSE BoardExaminations. The success of these children becomes special as most of themcome from weak economic background and parents are primarily engaged as dailywage earners. These students, especially the girls, who outshined boys with 98%pass percentage, withstood various social and economic pressures but despitethese adversities, have proven that given the opportunity they can provideoutcomes at par with more privileged students. 

With an overall pass percentage of 92.02% which ishigher than the national pass percentage of 83.01%, the success of children inthe remote locations of rural Punjab not only validates the efforts put in bythe students, teachers and the school but also is a “dream come true” for mostof the parents whose belief for education has been further entrusted by theresults. 

Congratulating the students and teachers, Mr.Vijay Chadda, CEO, Bharti Foundation said, “The success of ClassXII students is a significant chapter in the history of the Satya Bharti SchoolProgram. By excelling in exams these students, from remote rural areas havereinforced our belief that sustainable changes can be brought in rural India byensuring access to quality education. I congratulate the students as well asthe school and the teachers for this stellar performance and I thank thecommunity for consistently supporting the holistic development approach adoptedin our schools. I also thank all our supporters who have helped us address thechallenge of providing quality education in rural India.” 

Currently, 254 Satya Bharti Schools are operationalacross the villages of Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Naduand West Bengal. Of the 254 schools, 249 schools are primary/elementary schoolsand five schools are senior secondary schools run in public-private partnershipmode under Punjab Government’s Adarsh Scheme. 

The Satya Bharti Schools provide quality education tochildren in rural India, most of who are first-generation learners. Keepingthis in mind, the school curriculum has been designed to help childrenunderstand what they are being taught. Encompassing both classrooms as well asout-of-class activities, the program aims to develop students holistically byinculcating in them attitudes, values, and life-skills that will hold them ingood stead later in life.  While innovative Teaching Learning Material(TLM) enhances their classroom experience, special programs like The PhysicalEducation Curriculum (PEC) are used to make outdoor learning more meaningful.Other interventions like the English Phonics Program and use of educationalsoftware, aid the delivery of English and computer education.

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