BIEC Celebrates Global Exhibitions Day 2018

Bangalore, 4th June 2018: Global Exhibitions Day is dedicated to celebrate the exhibition industry and highlight its positive impact on trade, business, innovation and investment. UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry together with IEIA is celebrating Global Exhibitions Day 2018 (GED 2018) on 6th June 2018. Through the World Wide Web and an array of national and local events, stakeholders from every continent are expected to join the GED 2018 celebrations.

BangaloreInternational Exhibition Centre (BIEC) is extending its support to GED 2018 topropagate the importance of exhibitions for the development of variousindustries across sectors. 

Exhibitionsplay an important role by supporting all sectors such as agriculture, industryand services and shapes the overall economy of a country. Exhibitions have beenone of the major contributors to trade and economy in developed nations acrossEurope and America. It is also now emerging as one of the strongest industriesin Asian region. India needs to look at exhibitions in the same lens and accordit the status of industry besides boosting further development of the sector bydeveloping suitable infrastructure and supply chain. 

Speakingabout the importance of exhibitions CEO of BIEC, Mr. V. Anbu said, “Exhibitionshave broken the barriers in business relations between various countries andbridged the trade gap to support various industries and develop the economy ofnations. Global Exhibitions Day is one of the important events for theexhibition industry to propagate its importance to various stakeholders and wewholeheartedly support this initiative.” 

SupportingMr. Anbu’s views, Mr. S. Balasubramanian, Executive Director, IMTMA and COO,BIEC added, “BIEC is not only providing the best infrastructure for exhibitionorganizations in India but also inculcates the best practices for the overallgrowth and sustainability of the exhibition industry.”

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