Bangalore, 11 May, 2018: With elections around the corner, 92.7 BIG FM Bangalore, one of India’s largest radio networks, has taken the onus of encouraging the citizens to come forward to cast their votes. Fortifying its ‘Suno Sunao Life Banao’ ethos, the radio station has released a captivating music video featuring BIG MJ Pataki Shruthi. The ‘BIG Coffee’ show host in her true style sends out a strong message - ‘Complaint ByaDri Vote HaakNoDri’ translating to ‘Don’t complaint! Cast your vote and see the change’.

BIG MJ Shruthi, one of the most popular morning showhosts, has addressed the pressing need of casting a vote through theentertaining music video. The quirky video concentrated towards themessage of development of the state, invites not only the locals, but all thepeople of Karnataka settled across the world. It encourages them to notmiss the opportunity in bringing about a change by casting their votes on 12th Mayand choosing the right leader. It also educates citizens on the importance ofeach vote and urges them to contribute in bringing about a revolution insteadof complaining about various civic issues. 

Speaking about the music video and the messagingbehind it, BIG MJ Shruthi said, "The music video aims to convey themessage ‘Complaint ByaDri Vote HaakNoDri’. It is time that instead ofcomplaining we take the responsibility and begin the change at our end. I hopethrough this video we are able to make the required impact and witness more andmore people come forward to vote on 12th May.” 

The recently released video on social media promotingthe #CBVHN has gained momentum among locals with over 6K views so far. 

Watch and share the video with#ComplaintByadriVoteHaakNodri #BIGFMCares #KarnatakaElections #CBVHN and joinBIG FM in bringing about a change

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