Birla White committed to uplift the status of Painters and Launches "Program Pride"

Benlaguru: Birla White is a unit of UltraTech Cement Limited which is a part of the USD 44.5 billion MNC Aditya Birla Group, operating in 36 countries, anchored by 120,000 employees, introduces imported specialized scientifically designed tools for painters made with flexible and tempered stainless steel with aluminum mounting and rigid alloy backer for putty application.

Commenting on the occasion, Dr.Sunil Kulwl – CEO, Birla White says “ We want our fellow painter brothers to use the world best tools to delight home owners by doing superior assignments, with the new tools provided to them, the finish is outstanding.  Painters can take immense pride in delighting customers, and that is the genesis of program pride.

The durable, non rusting, light weight product is being imported from USA for faster completion of the work with proper finish and these tools will have multifold longevity compared to conventional tools.  .With the new tools the painter will save significant time (around 25 to 30%) in Putty application.

Mr.Kalyan Chakravarty, Head at Birla White says, that through a rigorous evaluation process of many tools from across the globe, we selected the best tools originating from USA

The light weight corner tools has resilient handle and its blade set at a 103 degree angle that flexes to form good corner finish with easy adaptability to the wall. Application with this tool will eliminate the painter’s finger contact with Putty and substrate. Thus no cuts/ injuries to fingers and resulting safe for hands.

“Indians are always fascinated with beauty at their home. New tools from USA will make the putty industry more aesthetic by enhancement in finish.

By usage of these tools, painters have experienced following benefits.

1.      Productivity increase by 25 to 30%

2.      Less stress on wrist/elbow/shoulder

3.      Ease of application

4.      Enhancement in final putty finish

5.      Timely Completion of Job in less time

6.      Durability of the tools.

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