Bisleri to hydrate runners at “TCS World 10K Bengaluru”

Bengaluru, 10th May 2017: Bisleri, the pioneer of mineral water in India, is pleased to announce its partnership with Procam International. Bisleri will be the exclusive hydration partner for the top four running events in India i.e. TCS World 10K Bengaluru, Mumbai Marathon, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and Tata Steel Kolkata 25K.

Being thehydration partner at TCS World 10K Bengaluru that is set totake place on 21stMay 2017 at Sree Kanteeravastadium, Bisleri will take charge of water requirements for the runners andathletes participating in the run. Bisleri will set up 6 water stations acrossthe 10km stretch on the running track to ensure that all the runners andathletes are well hydrated. In addition to this, Bisleri cooling corridor onthe track will help combat body heat and keep the runners’ body cool with watermists to help them keep going.  

Water is afundamental part of our body. Not just dehydration, even over-hydration is aserious problem and can adversely impact runner’s health and performance.Bisleri will educate runners and athletes on the importance of hydration andindividual body’s requirement of water especially during a run. There will beone-on-one interaction and expert talk for the participants before the race dayto help them prepare for the race. 

Mr. ParagBengali, Director, Bisleri International Pvt Ltd. said “With consumers increasinglyrealizing the importance of an active lifestyle, Bisleri through theassociation with Procam International would like to emphasize on the importanceof water for leading a healthy lifestyle. Having a number of health benefits,water is the best drink that you can give to your body. It’s important that weunderstand the right amount water required by our body and follow a steadyroutine to achieve a fit mind and body. ” 

Mr.Puneeth Rajkumar, renowned celebrity of Kannada cinemas said, “Hydration as an area isneglected in the sports until now, drinking water is very important in everydaylife and especially during strenuous activity. Dehydration can have a negativeimpact on your performance especially at marathon. For long distances or endurancetraining, your body loses fluid and sipping Bisleri every interval will act asa fuel to supply energy.” 

VivekSingh, Jt. MD Procam International, said "At Procam International, we are delighted towelcome Bisleri onboard. Hydration is a critical part of the athlete routine,and we are happy to have one of India's leading mineral water brands by ourside. With this partnership, ‘at the point of sweat’ runners have the advantageof Bisleri, helping them put their best foot forward. "

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