BJP will form government in all three states: Amit Shah

New Delhi, 5th December 2018: The BJP is facing anti-incumbency in the Rajasthan Assembly elections, but party chief Amit Shah is confident that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity and work done by the Vasundhara Raje government will ensure a victory in the desert state.

In an exclusive conversation with CNN-News18, BJP chief said he believes that the party will form government in the three states – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh – on 11th December.

Amit Shah admits that there were some grievances among the workers when he came to the state first time in October. However, after a lot of communication, the situation seems favourable and he believes that BJP will form the government with a large margin.

Talking about the candidate selection, he said, “Candidates are important in every election. I think we've made those who have a significant presence among the public as our candidates. Our candidates are doing well.”

The issue of farmers have emerged as a major issue in the state elections. When asked that farmers seem to be angry with the current regime, Shah said, “Anger is a big word to be used. There are some difficulties. But, if there is someone who has worked the most for the farmers, it is Narendra Modi. Farmers are aware of this. Look at the statistics under the Congress government. The BJP has brought a complete transformation in the rates at which crops are bought. We've made new schemes and policies keeping farmer interests in the centre. I believe that these matters have reached the farmer.”

Another issue which comes up in every election is that of reservation. According to Amit Shah, such demands are prevalent among a lot of communities and everybody will have to think about all this, some or the other time.

Recently, Rahul Gandhi, in one of his speeches, had questioned 'What kind of a Hindu is the PM?' Commenting on the same, Shah said, “I don't want to make any comments on this. What Rahul talks and says and how much the public listens is something his poll manager should analyse.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister had also recently alluded to caste of a Hindu God which drew a lot of controversy. Amit Shah believes that Yogi had not spoken about caste. “He has used words like Dalit, Adivasi, backward, etc. He was referring to vanvaasi,” he added.

Known as BJP’s master strategist, Amit Shah believes that while the party will improve its position in Telangana, Congress has no future in either Telangana or Mizoram.

The initial surveys had shown Congress will sweep election in Rajasthan. However, now the surveys are indicating a close contest in the state. “Let the exit polls be out. They will show BJP winning,” concluded the BJP party chief.

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