Black & Veatch Transforms Project Delivery for the Energy Industry

In a multi-year plan jointly developed with Bentley, Black & Veatch’s Power and Oil and Gas businesses migrated from an in-house, proprietary plant design system to Bentley technology and transformed the company’s processes for engineering, procurement, and construction of power generation and oil and gas projects. Black & Veatch evaluated and modified current processes and procedures across all engineering disciplines and deliverables, trained professionals, and delivered the new methodology on a global scale across 10 design centers and 11 support offices in North America and Asia.

One earlyproject success that resulted from this initiative was the Sewaren 7 powerplant, now under construction in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The plant will provide540 megawatts of power to the U.S. states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, andMaryland using a highefficiency, H-class combustion turbine. Black & Veatchis designing and constructing this USD 600 million power plant for the PublicService Enterprise Group (PSEG). 

According toShawn Foster, Black & Veatch commercial technology operations manager,Black & Veatch is using Bentley Navigator for cross-discipline reviews andinterference management. The project team is also using AECOsim BuildingDesigner and OpenPlant Modeler to exchange analysis data with various analysistools including AutoPIPE. 2D data centric applications, such as OpenPlantP&ID and Bentley Instrumentation & Wiring, are being used for systemdesign, intelligent reporting, and equipment design. This improvement allowedproject professionals to access accurate, up-to-date information without theneed to continuously check with other disciplines for information or to reenterinformation already entered in another application. It also enabled the team tocreate multi-discipline 3D review models for the client and collaborate arounddesign alternatives. 

Black & Veatchuses ProjectWise as the single source of truth across all projects, connectingall participants to U.S.-based or Asia-based data sources, which areestablished based on business lines. For the Sewaren 7 project, a singleproject master model (PMM) and multiple commodity master models (CMM) werecreated. Sharing the PMM and CMMs among disciplines allowed designers toresolve clashes collaboratively with all portions of the model. Black &Veatch also used i-models as the currency for interdisciplinary sharing andcommunication. Storing the i-models in ProjectWise ensured that project teammembers always had access to the most accurate data wherever they were in theworld. 

ProjectWiseSDK was also used to create a hybrid environment with key internally developeddatabases and to share accurate equipment design information in real time amongdisciplines. 

The Black& Veatch Power Oil & Gas businesses are now standardized on Bentleytechnology as its default suite of applications. The organization can morereadily flow data among project phases, from estimating and conceptual designthrough detailed design and to construction and handover. Using Bentley’sdesign and collaboration technology, lean processes, and a connected dataenvironment supports Black & Veatch’s continuous improvement efforts toeliminate waste and improve efficiency in project execution globally across allprojects. 

David Curry,engineering manager, Sewaren 7 Project, Black & Veatch, said, “The use ofBentley design applications on the Sewaren 7 project has allowed Black &Veatch additional opportunities to collaborate with our client during thedesign process to evaluate design alternatives through the use of 3D modelreviews, fly through video and renderings of the project master models.” 

Fosteradded, “Bentley’s solutions provide Black & Veatch’s Power and Oil and Gasbusinesses with the means to work and collaborate with clients on any sizeproject across the globe. Any project, anywhere, any time.”

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