Bangalore, 19th May, 2017: Ranveer Singh’s association with JACK&JONES last year for the brand’s national campaign #DONTHOLDBACK was nothing less than a euphoric success. Taking this idea further, Ranveer urged the youth of the nation to rebel through their music and to join the madness that is, #DONTHOLDBACK.

This digital campaign resulted in a flood of entriesfrom both, the fans of the celebrated youth actor Ranveer Singh and the brandadvocates of JACK&JONES. The contest ended with the announcement of fouraspiring rapper boys as the winners who got a once in a life time opportunityto rap to a video with the mega star himself! 

JACK&JONES, a brand that believes in completeindividualism and free-spiritedness, through its #DONTHOLDBACK campaignintroduced an anthem that hit the right notes with the youth of the country whoidentified with the campaigns ‘don’t give-a-damn’ attitude. A boldness thatdrives away all inhibitions and pushes you to follow your gut irrespective ofthe consequences. 

On thelaunch of the second edition of the DONTHOLDBACK campaign, Actor Ranveer Singhsaid,#DONTHOLDBACK started off as a very small idea, and eventually evolvedto a campaign that is now larger than life. The kind of responses that wereceived for the digital contest was truly exhilarating. The final track thatthe 4 rapper boys (winners of the contest) and I worked on has undoubtedly themost unabashed, unapologetic vibe to it which truly embodies the spirit of#DONTHOLDBACK. I am proud to be the ambassador of JACK&JONES, a brandthat I love and identify with, and I am truly grateful for having been giventhe chance to encourage the talent that the youth of our country possess” 

“Wekicked off the #DONTHOLDBACK campaign last year with Bollywood’s fashionfavourite, Ranveer Singh. It was instantly the most talked about campaign inthe country and had successfully resonated with the brand’s target audience.The responses received through the digital contest initiated by JACK&JONES,were truly overwhelming. As a result of which, we are proud to introduce thesecond music video of #DONTHOLDBACK where Ranveer raps with the four talentedcontest winners who share the same values as JACK&JONES. We are extremelyexcited with the outcome and can’t wait to share the DONTHOLDBACK version 2.0with our audience.” SaysVineet Gautam, Country Head, BESTSELLER India. 

The latest video takes off on a rebellious note, withthe opening line – “sach bakne ki hamein buri aadat hai” - speaking to all thedare-devils out there, who exude unperturbed confidence and who believe thatrules can be redefined only when someone musters the courage to challenge them.The campaign is all about empowering yourself and not letting anyone or anything comingin the way of your ambition. Bollywood’s heart throb and JACK&JONES BrandAmbassador, Actor Ranveer Singh truly embodies the core values of the brand andperfectly amplifies the brand’s ideology of not letting anything hold you back! 

The newestmusic video “Don’t Hold back” goes live today. Are you ready to join themadness once more? 

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