Bonn Group Forays into Fast Food Biz with Burger Chain

New Delhi, April 16th, 2018: Country’s leading bread and biscuits maker Bonn Group is foraying into fast food restaurants business with the launch of its La Americana brand of burger outlet chain.

TheLudhiana-based company has just opened burger outlets in Delhi and plans toexpand the chain across many states in the next 12-18 months.

Themarket for fast food business in India is currently pegged at around Rs 8,000crore and growing at a sizzling pace of 30 percent CAGR.

“Theoutlets we have started in Delhi are getting very good response from the peopleas the taste of the burgers is very different. We will replicate the success ofthese outlets in others. We are confident people will love our American styleburgers in other cities too. The thrust is one healthy eating and we have onlyfresh buns being served in the outlets,” said Amrinder Singh, Director,Bonn Group of Industries.

The outletswill also offer different types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian wraps,mojitos, iced teas, shakes and fries.  

Commentingon the need to get into fast food business by the Ludhiana-based company, Amrinder Singh said, “Themarket for fast food is growing at a very fast in India and since we arealready recognized for the best of the breads and buns, we can use our longlegacy in a related new business where we use our own buns for fresh burgers.The response we have got from our outlets in Delhi proves our entry into thisbusiness is right and going to be very exciting. What we are also doing with LaAmericana chain is that we are offering a whole range of eatables and beverageswhich makes us stand out from other burger chains”.

The companyalready has very good stronghold in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal and Jammu& Kashmir for its other products like breads, biscuits and cakes and willexpand its fast food business in these states before entering new geographies. 

The companyhas also launched La Americana range of gourmet cookies. These are premiumcookies that are being sold in most North Indian cities and the new range hasseen overwhelming response from the customers.

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