Britannia Bourbon’s new campaign celebrates BFFs – Bourbon (Best) Friends Forever

Bangalore 17th November: Britannia announces the launch of a new campaign for one of its oldest and most loved brands, Bourbon. With an aim to refresh the brand, Britannia Bourbon’s latest campaign celebrates the true spirit of life-long best friends. As a brand which has been around for years, Britannia Bourbon recognized the need for a revamp. Drawing inspiration from the product which is loved by so many people for its ability to satiate both the heart (chocolaty taste) and stomach , the brand saw an opportunity to connect it to a key aspect of life that is as fulfilling as – ‘Real Friendships’. The brand re-defined itself in the context of this friendship and connected it to people whose lives are centred around their friends and have designed a campaign that is built on the fulfilling moments shared between best friends.

The campaign kick-starts with a TVC that capturesthe essence of the relationship best friends share and the emotion thattranspires between them; friends that laugh at you till their stomachs hurt butyet have your back when you need them the most. On the launch of this campaign,Ali Harris Shere, VP, Marketing, had this to say, “Through this new campaign, the brand wants to create a world offriendship that is real and unpretentious. Our target audience is notconstrained by age, as this feeling of friendship cuts across all agesincluding adults for whom moments spent with their best friends is a pivot onwhich their life revolves. We want to find a place in each friends’ group andthis campaign is our first salvo in that direction.”


Dileep Ashoka, Executive Vice President and Head,McCann South, added, “Competition in the premium creams segment has intensifiedand Britannia aims to increase their market share in this category over thenext few years. Our task was to create a strong consumption context for thebrand Bourbon by re-defining the functional and emotional role of the brand inconsumers’ life. This led to the campaign being based on a brand space ofBourbon Friends Forever, where Bourbon fuels real friendship moments.”


Commenting on the creative thought behind thecampaign, Puneet Kapoor, Executive Creative Director, McCann Bangalore said,“There are generations of kids that loved and grew up on the fulfilling snackof Britannia Bourbon. Those men and women have grown up to have children oftheir own. It's amazing how, despite the explosion of choices, BritanniaBourbon is still much loved. A strong brand like this just needs a priming tobe relevant to the generations coming in. Which is exactly what the ad does inan interesting way. Marrying the good old favourite fulfilling chocolate snackwith the new age thought of BFF." 

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