Britannia brings in loads of fun-in-the-middle of its sandwich cream biscuit Treat

As kids we always looked forward to those little breaks between school classes or in tuitions – the moment, the teacher exited the room, the class would become our playing field. Our naughtiest and most mischievous avatar would come alive during that small break. Not only is this true for kids today but also, for those tweens who are seeking fleeting moments of uninhibited fun in between their regimented life between schools, tuitions, sports lessons and so on. Bringing this life truth to the forefront is Britannia Treat’s campaign aligned to its new brand proposition – ‘Asli-Treat-is-in-The-Middle’.

Treat isBritannia’s largest selling sandwich creams brand, and it is back with adelicious product range, with crunchier, tastier, shells, and super soft creamin between. The brand’s packaging has also undergone a significant changeand is vibrant, clutter breaking with a great shelf- throw. At the core of thebrand’s all new recipe for success, lies a key shift - broadening itstarget audience beyond kids to include tweens and teens. 

As the brandsteps up its appeal to the new segment of target audience, it attempts to bethe partner of mischief for no-holds-barred fun in the middle of a dailyroutine. The TVC presents the perfect recipe of how to snatch a moment of funand frolic in between a typical, mundane day. This behavioural insight stemmedfrom the regimented and rather monotonous lives that tweens and teens livetoday with school, tuitions, sports lessons, resulting in the craving they havefor some moments of pure, unadulterated fun. Hence, ‘Asli-Treat-is-in-The-Middle’ wasthe coinage that the brand felt best captures what the product delivers andwhich the brand showcases effectively through a 4 part TVC series capturingfree-wheeling moments of fun in different scenarios, leaving you cheerful andreminiscent of your childhood days. 

Treat “Asli-Treat-is-in-The-Middle campaignis being launched with a power-packed, hi decibel 360°campaign which will spanacross multiple mediums including TV and outdoor with a huge focus onamplifying through digital media.

PuneetKapoor, Executive Creative Director, McCann had this to say, “It’s rare that the mainproduct design idea and the human insight converge the way it did with thisbrief. Keeping it simple, elegant and a lot of fun was the way to go. Butsimplicity in communication is what you arrive at eventually if you keep at it.We’re glad that McCann and Britannia teams stuck to it with a beautifuldelivery from the Hungry Films team.”


  • Creative Agency: McCann Worldwide
  • Creative Head: Puneet Kapoor
  • Director for the film:  Vijay Sawant
  • Production: Hungry Films
  • Language: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu
  • Four part series TVC – 45sec, 30 sec & 15 sec

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