Britannia Little Hearts reinvents itself for today's consumer through a digital-only approach

Bangalore, 30th October, 2017: We have all grown up eating Little Hearts biscuits and have many memories associated with it. But does the school goer of today connect with the brand as strongly as we do? Perhaps not. That’s exactly the reason why Britannia decided to reinvent one of its most loved brands Little Hearts to become more relevant to today’s generation of consumers.

While doing this, it was also important for the newcampaign to be strongly rooted in the product and its consumption. Speakingabout the new campaign, Mr. AliHarris Shere, Vice-President Marketing, Britannia Industries Ltd.,said, “The shape of the biscuitis a unique asset to the brand and we decided to leverage it. When we werelooking for ways of doing that, we realised that heartbreaks are a big part oftweens’ lives. We therefore decided to take an edgy view of heartbreaks, byurging consumers to “Break Some Hearts” – both figuratively and literally, withLittle Hearts biscuits. The other interesting thing about our journey was ourrealization that we could not talk to today’s tweens through traditional mediavehicles. So we decided to be present on platforms most frequented by today’stweens and make Little Hearts a digital-only brand. This approach has yieldedus fabulous results so far with the film garnering record number of views andexceeding all previously set benchmarks on engagement generated.”

Priya Shivakumar, Executive Director said: “Little Hearts was always the brand that tookus down memory lane, which filled us with nostalgia. With this campaign ourchallenge was to make it relevant to today’s teenagers, give it a fresh newavatar. So we disassociated the heart from all things mushy and gave it a coolnew vibe with #BreakSomeHearts. The campaign spoke the language of the youthtoday, and did it on a medium that kept them engaged. In the bargain the brandbecame young and cool again, capturing the imagination of the youth and gettinga warm reception on all digital channels and in the market as well!”

  • Agency: J W Thompson
  • Executive Creative Director: Priya Shivakumar 
  • Production House: 120 Media Collective - Sniper
  • Director: Tanvi Gandhi
  • Music: The Jamroom 

On the back of the new campaign, the brand has alsoclocked its highest ever sales for 2 months in a row but the proverbial sugarsprinkling on the cookie is the conversations the campaign has managed togenerate, indicating that the brand has really found a place in consumers’hearts again. 

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