BTS United, an organization supporting underprivileged children hosts “Tree-Mendous”

Bangalore, January 2018: BTS United, or Billion Through Spirit is an active organization spearheaded by founder & CEO, Ruben J. John, that supports underprivileged children at 35 shelter homes across Bangalore. The organization provides educators, sports-masters and monthly once celebrate the birthdays of the children. Now our efforts is to get qualified mentors to provide a support system for 1800 children across 35 orphanages through “Tree-Mendous”, a family gala event on the 20th of January within the grounds of Planet hope, Bangalore. At the gala event, a grand attempt to try and make the most number of human formations in the shortest amount of time for the Limca Book of Records, will be made as well. Underprivileged children, be it in orphanages or in shelters, go uncared for after the age of 16 years. The short lived caring system provides a support that ends prematurely as the children at the age of 16 are not qualified or ready to take care of themselves. BTS United as an organization, is working towards changing that by creating a fully functional, self-sustained environment for the children with the help of mentors till the age of 21 when they are ready to take on the world as well-adjusted individuals.

Complete withinnovative games & interactive flea market “Tree-Mendous” will witness the talents of some of the mostrenowned artists, Benny Prasad & Mike Murli (Guinness Book of World Recordholders), charming the audience into a day that is truly worth its while. Withinternational upstart Shermaine Willis enchanting the audience with herperformance, “Tree-Mendous” is bound to have an impact which is nothing shortof stunning. Additionally, with more treats in store, the gala will celebrate aseldom found delicacy, the ‘pathhar gosht’ in addition to over 50mouth-watering food stalls of renowned culinary names from the city, featuringboth vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

With the vision ofstrengthening the number of qualified mentors, “Tree-Mendous” organized by BTS United at their flagshipcenter, is driven towards empowering the children of today to become the nationof tomorrow. Fueled by the belief that with a positive mindset and astrong sense of purpose, everyone can help give the children in need a brightfuture, “Tree-Mendous” promisesto be a gala of a lifetime as all, as all proceeds will be utilized forproviding education to underprivileged children.


*To avail discounted tickets for “Tree-Mendous”, please contact +919916666366 / +91 7090568569. Tickets available for purchase at the counter onthe day of the event, as well.

Date: Saturday, 20th January

Venue: ​Planet Hope, ChikkaByrathi, Dodda Gubbi Post, Bangalore - 560077

Time: 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM


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