Cabinet Minister Rao Narvir Singh plants saplings to promote message of clean & green Gurugram

Shri Rao Narvir Singh, Cabinet Minister, Government of Haryana, planted saplings in Aklimpur on Sunday in an event organized by Envirer in collaboration with BNI Gurgaon members. The enthusiasm and excitement at the plantation drive to create BNI Gurgaon forests was witnessed by BNI Gurgaon members and various dignitaries, entrepreneurs and Gurugram residents.

BNI Gurgaon, world’s largest referral generating organization allies with Envirer –India’s 1st Environment App to plant trees in the month of August in Gurgaon. BNI Gurgaon members used the most innovative way to plant trees by using the Envirer app. In this collaborative afforestation drive of BNI Gurgaon & Envirer, it has managed to create #BNIGGNFOREST with a stunning contribution from the members. These members not only combat air pollution, climate change, global warming but also inspire others to fight the same cause.

The plantation drive has been divided into 3 phases where BNI Gurgaon's 1100 members will take it up three plantation every week for three weeks making the contribution 1200 trees planted.   The first phase of plantation drive took place on 4th August 2019. Members planted a total of 533 trees using the Envirer App. The members were accompanied by their friends and family members to join the movement.  #Envirer #Environment

The event blossomed as the children came forward to plant trees and engaged in conversations with the farmers. Feather in the cap was when a progressive Sarpanch of Aklimpur Village addressed how Envirer has contributed to the growth of the village – by providing jobs to the farmers improving their daily livelihood.

BNI Member – Sanjeev Khetrapal & Saurabh Sharma jointly spoke about how important it is to take actionable steps towards creating forests if one wants to have a breathable future for ourselves and future generations. They added that “As a token of gratitude to Mother Earth  we have made it our mission to improve the air quality of Gurgaon and collaborated with ENVIRER in their forestation drive in the foothills of Aravali .We intend to plant a minimum of 1200 trees over a 6-month period on a 1 acre land which will be dedicated as the BNI Gurgaon Forest”.

BNI Executive Director Gurgaon Arti Kochar said, “Giving back to earth inspires all of us and what better way than to plant trees which creates a future for coming generations.”

Ashish Tewari – Founder & CEO, Envirer India – addressed the BNI Members and said “ It is now become urgent to improve the environmental quality of the world. It can only happen by partnering with individuals, communities and corporates to work together to create a clean and safe place for us to live and the generations to come”. He further elaborated that through the Envirer App one can plant trees on the go. You can now plant, locate, monitor and earn rewards by planting trees.”

Puneet Dhillon - Associate Director Marketing, Envirer India - says "While deforestation was our idea towards expansion, so should “Afforestation” be our goal to offset carbon emissions to save our Earth, save lives & reduce air pollution. Lets fix the mess we have created by planting

trees, for our future generations to breathe fresh air".

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