Cabinet reshuffle week: India Today Television beats Republic TV, NDTV 24x7 and CNN News 18

New Delhi 21th September, 2017 - India Today Television left behind most other channels including Republic TV, NDTV 24x7 and CNN News 18 on the cabinet reshuffle week (NCCS A Males 22+, Period - WK 36'17, TB- 06:00 - 26:00, Mega Cities). It is noteworthy that this leadership is accomplished with no dual feed or landing page but on pure good programming and trust.

IndiaToday has shown substantial growth in latest 4 weeks with a growth of 15% inImpressions 000 while other channels like Times now & Republic TVviewership have gone down in latest 4 weeks.

Last 4 weeks which were big newsweeks, had breaking stories such as Baba Ram Rahim Verdict,China BRICS summit (5th Sep'17) , First Breaking on CabinetReshuffle and Raghuram Rajan interview on demonetisation Report. In thesetimes, India today TVs performance is remarkable given it is operating from aposition of no unfair distribution advantage.

One of the major contributors of IndiaToday Television’s unmatched growth was the Fearless reporting andimpactful coverage done by the channel - exceptional reportage on RamRahim conviction, Impact of expose on Halala coverage or the news on TrainAccidents which led to the resignation of senior authorities of the Railwaydepartment. 

The top rated program of 4 out of 8preceding  weeks belong to India Today Television (Source - BARCprogram performance, TG - NCCS A Males 22+, Period - WK 29'17 - WK 36'17, MegaCities)

India Today television wasNo.1 channel during all the important and breaking news recently such ascelebration of 9 years of Virat Kohli in International cricket (Source: BARC, Mkt: Megacities, Date: 19thAug, TB:1930-2000 Hrs, TG:-22+Males A), The Ram RahimJudgement and the fearless reporting from ground zero(Source: BARC, Mkt: Megacities, Date: 28th Aug, TB:15:00-17:00 Hrs,TG:- 22+ Male A, Share% among 7 Eng news channels), India Vs China D Day(BRICS Summit Live Coverage) - (Source:BARC, Mkt: Megacities, Date: 05th Sept, TB: 10:00-12:00 Hrs, TG:- 22+Males A, Share% among 7 Eng news channels)and Discussion with Raghuram rajan on Demonetization report (Source - BARC, Mkt: Megacities, Date: 7th Sep 2017, TB:1900-2000 Hrs,  TG:22+ Males A)

IndiaToday was also clear numero Uno  in Average Time Spent, 09 min 29 sec,while CNN News18 ATS in Mins was  04 min 34sec , followed by NDTV 24x706min 29sec, Times Now 03min 55 sec, Republic TV 05 min 13 sec.( Source:BARC, Mkt: Megacities, Period: Wk 36’17, TB:06:00-26:00 Hrs, TG:- 22+ Males A)


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