Call Ambulance, a Hyderabad based IT enabled Global Emergency Care

Hyderabad, October 24, 2017.....The Hyderabad based Call Ambulance, an IT enabled Global Emergency Care Platform roped in as technology partner to be part “Safety Committee of Srikakulam District” to help reduce the number of deaths due to road accidents in that District. RedCross Society initiated SERV Program, a nation wide program first time in India at Srikakulam, in association with Call Ambulance on the request of the District administration on a pilot basis and will expand to other districts based on the outcome. CallAmbulance platform offers a multiplier effect to this initiative.

Safety Committee is a Srikakulam District administration’sinitiative to reduce the number of deaths caused due to road accidents. The Safety Committee is led by DistrictCollector Dhananjeya Reddy, Superintend of Police, Trivikram Varma and DeputyTransport Commissioner Sridevi. The Srikakulam District Administrationhas been exploring every avenue to reduce the accidents and deaths. It is inthis context that the Safety Committee invited Call Ambulance as a technologypartner towards this larger cause.  NowCall Ambulance Technology & Services are available in SrikakulamDistrict. 


Call Ambulance is an ITenabled Global Emergency Care Platform designed and developed in India with agood intention to save lives of people in emergencies using Mobiletechnology.  Founded by two Software experts and former Infosys senior Executives,Umashankar Kotturu and Jagadish Vishwanatham, Call Ambulance offers Mobile Appand service to people related to emergency transport and care. The CallAmbulance Mobile App connects the person in emergency with the nearestavailable Trained First Responder, Police Personnel, Transport Dept Staff,Ambulance Driver, nearby Hospitals along with Family members all simultaneouslyto get quick attention and care in any emergency.


Call Ambulance has wide network with all Private andGovernment Hospitals, Ambulance Drivers, Blood Banks, Medical Stores,Diagnostic Labs in Srikakulam District to work together and provide quick andreliable emergency response to public. RedCrossSociety has initiated SERV program in which they have a mandate to train27,000(1% of district population) first responders in Srikakulam. SERV Programis  part of the nationwide program of which Srikakulam is the firstdistrict.  This is being implemented as a pilot program.CallAmbulance platform will give a multiplier effect to this initiative.


First Responders are volunteer citizens who aretrained in giving CPR, Prevent Choking, Stop Blood Loss etc and can support thevictim till medical help arrives.  CallAmbulance is the technology partner of Social & EmergencyResponse Volunteer(SERV) and all the people trained will be added to theCallAmbulance platform.  Call Ambulance with support fromEducational Institutions across Srikakulam District is facilitatingtraining/awareness to Students, Volunteers, Drivers, and Security Guards inFirst Aid & CPR in Srikakulam District. Call Ambulance has alreadyfacilitated training for over 2000 people in Srikakulam district.


How Call Ambulance MobileTechnology Works? Using state of the art technologies CallAmbulance has developedweb and mobile applications to give 108 patient’s location, medical records,emergency contacts/family doctors and insurance details before the patientcalls emergency service. With this information in hand the emergency personnelcan better address the patient needs. Usually, GPS assisted location service ina mobile phone is very accurate to the 50m distance. At times and in locationswhere there is no line of sight to the satellites, or access to cell phonetowers or wifi signals around, GPS assisted service may not be that accurate.CallAmbulance will notify all the first responders who are within 1km distanceof the incident location and can come to the location in under 5 minutes. Policepatrol party, Transport department personnel are also notified as per theirjurisdiction.


Using CallAmbulance one can minimize the call time andentire emergency can be managed in real time and can be viewed on google map.This app will help emergency services to provide care to many people within theGolden Hour and thereby save many more lives. Also, in lieu with the Road Safety committee in Srikakulam, theapplication also has a feature to crowd source road hazards. Citizens canprecisely report all the accident-prone areas using the “Report Hazard” featurein the app. The Safety committee can review these locations and take necessaryactions.


Every smart phone owner can download Call AmbulanceMobile App for Free and use it in emergency to get attention and care. Umashankar Kotturu of Call Ambulance can bereached on 9000999006 and Jagadish Vishwanatham, on 8003220707

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