Camlin brings Iconic `Flora Classic’ Pencils back

Mumbai, 5th December, 2017: Kokuyo Camlin Ltd; premier stationery brand has re-introduced one of its most iconic products --- the ‘Camlin Flora Classic’ pencils in the market. The Camlin Flora Pencils with its rich legacy were extremely popular with school children across the country in the ‘70s. The product was first re-launched in Lucknow and now being distributed in other markets across India in a phased-out manner.

The Camlin Flora Classic has its own distinct personality ofbright pink flowers across a white background, and was immensely liked byschool children then. The re-launch of this iconic product will take a lot ofparents down memory lane and will evoke a sense of nostalgia; of using thisextremely popular pencil during their school days.

Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer, KokuyoCamlin said, “We have all grown up using Camlin Flora Pencils and they bringback a lot of beautiful memories of our school days. We are re-introducing thisIconic brand into the market and plan to distribute it nationally. I am surethat parents who have used this iconic brand will now want their children toexperience the same writing experience that they felt while using the CamlinFlora Pencils.”

The newlyintroduced Camlin Flora Classic pencils are darker and smoother than before andgive a great writing experience. The retail pack of 10 pencils is available ata price of Rs 40/- along with a free sharpener and eraser.

So what areyou waiting for? Get your kids to experience the magic of writing with thistruly iconic brand.

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