‘Can Emerging Technologies Solve Agriculture Sector Challenges? AgriTech Summit Explores Ways

Bengaluru: Agriculture was the first big innovation in human history. Some of the earliest technologies and tools were created for large scale agriculture in the neolithic and later bronze and iron ages.

In Karnataka, with its rich fertile lands and diversesoil conditions, agriculture has been a mainstay of the population forcenturies. Rice, millets, vegetables, cotton, and other crops, contributesignificantly to the state’s economy, and goes a long way in ensuring the foodsecurity of the citizens of Karnataka. 

However, there are also long term problems and concernswith agriculture, especially in terms of crop management, irrigation andnutrition, soil fertility, rural economy and access to markets. The stategovernment of Karnataka, under the aegis of the Bengaluru Tech Summit, ishoping to find technology-enabled solutions for these, and other problems inagriculture. 

The Technology in Agriculture workshop and summit, to beheld on the 28th of March 2018, at the Shangri La in Bengaluru, will seetop government ministers and officials, farm and agriculture sector experts,industrialists, technology mavens, and next-gen startup founders comingtogether to explore ways in which emerging technology can be used foragriculture. 

The Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture, Shri Krishna ByreGowda, and hon’ble Minister for Innovation & Technology, Shri PriyankKharge, will take part in the workshop, and present their perspectives in theinaugural session. 

Shri Krishna Byre Gowda said of the workshop, “Today Ican proudly say that Karnataka is a food-secure state. This has been possibleonly because of the efforts of our Kannada farmers, who have overcomemonumental odds to get us here. The state government has also been taking a lotof steps to support them, including providing international forums, bestpractices, subsidised electricity and water, among others. It is now time totake the next leap in agricultural technology, and I look forward to thisworkshop, to give our sons and daughters of the soil all the help they need.” 

The day-long workshop will feature 3 sessions, with eachfocussing on specific topics and themes. Sessions on the role of corporatehouses in driving new agricultural initiatives, agri-based startups,international best practices and techniques, and government and institutionalinterventions in agriculture, will see experts from various sectors share theirway forward for the agricultural sector. Discussions will cover imaging and GISmapping, Internet of Things, drones, and smart phone based tools. 

Shri Priyank Kharge, whose ministry recently went througha transformation to emerge as the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, alsocommented on the need for innovation in agriculture. He said, “The world of ITis constantly coming up with new buzzwords and technological breakthroughs. AndBengaluru, as the hotbed of innovation in the country, has taken full advantageof it. But these developments must not be restricted to a few elites in thecities, this must benefit the entire population of the state. I believe thisAgricultural Technology workshop will find great new ways to take technologyout of offices, and into the very earth of our state, and that everybody enjoysthe fruits of innovation.” 

Following the plenary sessions, a way-forward and roadmap will be drafted for implementation. Additionally, ways of nurturing futuretechnology and early adoption will be chalked out. 

This is one more example of the Karnataka government’sproactive approach to governance, and another way in which the state lives upto its people-first policies.

For more information - https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.bengalurutechsummit.com_agritech_&d=DwMFaQ&c=0TzQCy9lgR5hSW-bDg5HA76y7nf4lvOzvVop5GM3Y80&r=dnLTsMriVeNvefAanIN98uCLROh831IUP1A31xr32GQ&m=HwhohcKAa_nFv-rPWs6eukCVWZ9EDfLISdVa--mAhHE&s=O-dFS00BFi1zp1UnX7aDlwFtwVZ5HXMmWbPWm3UxlgE&e=

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